2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery lately steals many public attentions. Many people are wondering whether he has really been under knife or not since there were several before and after pictures uploaded on internet.

There are many people assume that Kim Min-jun now looks much different than before. Therefore, they suspect that the main vocalist of K-pop boy band 2PM has possibly undergone plastic surgery.

But unlike other Korean stars plastic surgery, 2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery is considered going wrong because his appearance now does not look as goog as before.

Did 2PM Junsu Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

It has been a long time that 2Pm Junsu agency, JYP Entertainment, prohibited their actresses and actors to talk about plastic surgery even though some people allege them having cosmetic surgery. They must keep it as secret and may not be released to public.

Well, if Jun. K has really had plastic surgery, the big question is what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did he have?

Based on the comparison between Kim Min-jun before and after pictures, he seems to have at least 2 procedures done on his face features, nose and jaw.

2PM Junsu Nose Job

The first sign of 2PM Junsu plastic surgery can seen from his nose which looks thinner than before. Some people predict that he might get nose job to refine his old nose that looks flat with less pointed at the tip.

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2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery Before and After

2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not secret anymore that many of Korean stars reportedly have nose job to refine their flat nose. Looking at Junsu’s nose, People believe that he also has undergone a rhinoplasty surgery, so that his nose can look in such way. Look at his nasal bridge! it looks narrowed.

2PM Junsu Plastic Surgery: Jaw Implant

2PM Junsu Nose Job Before and After

The other part of his face feature that triggers plastic surgery speculation is his jawline. His face looks slimmer and longer today. Looking at his recent face shape, some people predict that Junsu could have got Korean Plastic Surgery Jaw so that his oval face shape can turn into slim and long.

In short, Although he has never given any statements regarding the plastic surgery rumors, some people notice his appearance really looks different. They believe that his transformation is due to plastic surgery.

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