Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Adrien Arpel plastic surgery leads a lot of pros and cons. It is all because she is best known as an icon of skin care products that always campaign living beauty with QVC product. However, she herself prefers to take cosmetic surgery than her sponsorship product.

There are many people are wondering why she took such extreme way to keep and to enhance her appearance. Whereas some people may begin to be interested with her beauty product campaign. It is unbelievable..!

Has Adrien Arpel Had Plastic Surgery?

Adrien Arpel Before and After Plastic Surgery

Adrien Arpel Before and After Plastic Surgery

Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery Pictures

Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery Pictures


The rumor of Adrien Arpel plastic surgery actually had been spreading a few years ago. But the rumor still becomes hot topic of discussion in this year because she herself never gives any statements whether she has been under knife or not. It may be reasonable because she becomes an icon of QVC beauty product.

Well, if she really has got some cosmetic surgery procedures, the next question is what kind of surgical procedures that she had? Keep on reading to find the answers.

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Judging by the comparison between Adrien Arpel before and after plastic surgery pictures, we notice that she some unnatural changes on her face skin, lips, and eyes.

Well, in order to make clear whether those changes are affected by plastic surgery or not, let’s take a look the following reviews.

Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery Face: Facelift & Botox

Looking good and pretty in old age seems to be every woman dream as well as Adrien Arpel. Even though she has been known as an beauty product icon, but it is possible for her to take some plastic surgery procedures to keep her flawless appearance.

Based on the comparison before and after pictures, her face skin does look tight, smooth, and flawless. We guess that she possibly got facelift combined with some filler injection like Botox or other ijectable fillers.

Let’s see closely at Adrien’s face skin, it does not show a lot of aging signs, but on the contrary it still looks fresh and smooth. Even though her face appearance overall looks a bit unnatural and frozen.

Having such smooth face skin in 72 years old age, it seems to be very unnatural if they did not have plastic surgery procedures such as facelift combined with Botox injections. And what we see at Adrien’s face skin, it likely refers to the result of those cosmetic surgery procedures.

Adrien Arpel Lips Enhancements

The other surgery procedure that she could have is lip enhancements as it was done by Whitney Cummings. It can be proved from the recent shape of her lips which looks like a cartoon and does not fit to her face frame.

Adrien Arpel Lips Enhancements Before and After

Adrien Arpel Lips Enhancements Before and After

We can’t say if she has got too much filler injection on her lips. But looking at her new lips then compared to the old ones, we believe that it was naturally shaped.

Adrien Arpel Eyelid Surgery

This woman apparently does not only have facelift, Botox, and lips filler injection, but she has possibly got other surgery procedure for her eyes namely Blepharoplasty.

This allegation is based on the shape of Adrien’s eyes which now looks a bit wide opened, rounded out, and startled. Such eyes appearance is almost contrast to other women’s eyes in her age. The sagging skin under and upper the eyes also disappears now.

Even some people consider that she intentionally took a job as promoter for QVC beauty product in order that she can hide all her beauty enhancement surgeries.

Well, looking at some changes on her appearance, it can’t be denied anymore if the rumor of Adrien Arpel plastic surgery is in fact true even though she herself has not admitted nor denied.

Over all, Adrien Arpel may hide all her surgery procedures by promoting skincare product, but the comparison between before and after photos can not hide visible plastic surgery signs on her appearance.

  • Hillary

    WHY do these hi profile people, movie stars, make up people, etc. have to “fib” to the public they are trying to sell to or impress somehow?? It can be very obvious they had cosmetic work done, look at their “before” pictures. I don’t buy from Adrienne, Suzanne, or others that push face and body products. It’s not really their “wonder products” that keep them young looking and “sag free”, it’s their surgeons, money and the best in the field of what they want done. Ask any dermatologist, face creams, serums, “treatments” can NOT Lift and tighten and “take years off your face”, ladies! Only surgery can do that. Wake up, save your money and stop being fooled by this hyping of products that really are NOT your “fountain of youth”.

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