Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery is one of the most talked topics by celebrity viewers. Her drastic transformation leads to many disputes. One of them is regarding to plastic surgery possibilities. Yeah, She reportedly got some works done for her appearance enhancement. However nobody knows what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures that she might get since the singer has not given any statements dealing with the rumor.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Alicia Keys Have Plastic Surgery?

33 years old singer, Alicia Keys, whose debut album Songs in A Minor, is considered as one of the most beautiful Afro American singers. She has perfect and sexy body shape with beautiful face. However, her natural appearance is now being sued by some celebrity viewers since there is a rumor saying that she has been under knife to achieve her dream as a perfect and sexy singer.

Well, if she has really got plastic surgery, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have until she can look so sexy and beautiful in her 33 years old age. Here are the answers. Let’s check them out..!

Alicia Keys Nose Job

The first spot that leads to plastic surgery sign is on her nose shape which looks a bit different than she used to. Alicia Keys Nose now looks more cramped and much well defined than before. Whereas, her nose previously looked a bit wide with round at the tip. We can see that her nasal bridge now looks narrowed with more pointed at the tip. Such nose transformation makes her appearance look more beautiful.

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery: Facelift

The other plastic surgery procedure that she could have is facelift. It can be proven through her face skin which looks so tight and toned. She is indeed still young, but what we see on her face skin is a bit unnatural and unusual for other women in her age. Her face does not show any aging signs like wrinkles and other saggy skin, but it still looks smooth and fresh. Whereas, some women’s face in her age show some frown lines as the parts of aging process.

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Even though the singer herself has not clarified the rumor, but before and after pictures have shown some plastic surgery facts. Some people think that facelift surgery has helped her to remove wrinkles and rough lines that may start to appear on her face as the process of aging.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery: Lip Enhancement

Last but not least, She also might get lips filler injection. This allegation is based on her recent lips shape which looks a bit plump and juicy than before. The filler injection which was possibly injected on her lips is Collagen. The use of this injectable filler is aimed to add an extra volume inside the lip area. As result, Alicia Keys Lip now looks thicker than she used to. Nevertheless her lips is still natural and does not appear to get over injection.

However, it has to be noted that Alicia is not the only female singer that reportedly got lips enhancement, but there are many other female singer and actresses who also reportedly got filler injection. Let’s take a look how Lindsay Lohan makes her lips to be juicy and sexier than before.

Over all, The director of Five film looks perfect and more mature in her 33 years old age. Though she herself has not given any statement dealing with her plastic surgery rumor, but based on the comparison before and after pictures, some people do believe if Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery rumor is truly fact.

What do you think of Keys’ appearance? Does she look like to get some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her appearance? You can decide by yourself based on the pictures comparison above.

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