Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The obsession to always look young has apparently delivered Ann Margret to plastic surgery. Yes, this 73 years old actress reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her youthful appearance and to eliminate the visible aging signs on her face. But unfortunately, she apparently got addicted in plastic surgery so that her appearance looks unnatural and she even looks a bit weird.

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Pictures

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Pictures

Did Ann Margret Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Being an extraordinary woman in 73-years-old-age with youthful appearance is every woman dream. However not all of them take the natural and healthy way in keeping their appearance. Some actresses have reportedly got some surgery procedures overdone. Consequently their appearance now look worse as it was experienced by actresses, Meg Ryan and Joan Van Ark. Both of those actresses were reported to have plastic surgery gone wrong because their appearance do not look better than before getting plastic surgery.

 Ann Margret reportedly got bad plastic surgery so that her appearance now looks worse than she used to. She looks so different and almost unrecognizable anymore. Well, if she was really under knife, the big question appear in our mind is what kind of surgical procedures that she might get so that her appearance can look in such way.

Ann Margret Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret Before and After Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

Botox injection seems to be the most favorite cosmetic surgery procedure for celebrities, not only young actresses, but old actresses also often get this surgery procedure, as well as Ann Margret. However she apparently went overboard with her filler injection so that her face skin looks so smooth and flawless. The use of Botox injection gives her soft and smooth facial skin though in some other day she looks so frozen and has exhausted facial expression too. The botox abolish the laugh and crows feet lines though sometimes we still see some hard folds around her mouth.

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery: Facelift

Ann Margret does not only reportedly get injectable filler on her face, but she is also reported to get facelift. But unfortunately, she likely has gone too far with her plastic surgery face so that her face skin looks too tight and so smooth for her age. It is very unnatural for 73-years-old-women to have such face appearance if they do not have some surgical procedures done.

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Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery Before and After

The facelift procedure gives her toned facial skin without any indication of shaggy or sunken skin. Some people must agree if Ann Margret gets more than once facelift procedure. It leads controversy among her fans. Some said that she looks like to get facelift overdone, but on the other hand, some declared their admiration to her plastic surgery results.

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery: Cheek Implants

Last but not least, the former of Bye Bye Birdie star has been rumored to have got cheek implants too. Public’s allegations are based on her current cheek that looks so plumped and bit swollen. Looking at her current cheek makes some people speculate if the actress might get too much filler injection like restylane or collagen. Those are injected to the cheek area to avoid shaggy cheek, and to keep the cheek always look full.

In short, Ann Margret plastic surgery may lead controversy among her fans. But unfortunately, there are no clear statements from the former star of Carnal Knowledge, Ann Margret. She just stays mum with the floating rumor. Nevertheless people do believe if she had got plastic surgery gone wrong so that her appearance looks unnatural and even it looks a bit weird.

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