Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before After

Anne Hathaway plastic surgery is considered as one of her stunning breakthroughs in US entertainment industry. She reportedly got some works done to improve her appearance for her new role in popular television sitcom, Get Smart.

However, there are plenty of people are still wondering about her surgical procedures, because the actress herself has never given any statements regarding to the rumor.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Anne Hathaway Have Plastic Surgery?

The former Disney star may not be seen for quite long time. However, once she appears in front of public, some people are wondering how she can look so different than she used to. Starting from their curiosity, they began to spread the rumor if the actress could have been under knife for her beauty enhancement. Nevertheless not a lot of people know what kind of surgery procedures that she had got. Well, if you are still wondering to what typical Anne Hathaway plastic surgery procedures, let’s see the following reviews. However, it has to be noted that this review is based on the comparison between Anne Hathaway before and after plastic surgery pictures.

Judging by before and after photos, we notice that she apparently had some improvements on her lips, nose, and the most noticeable cup size. Did she have a rhinoplasty surgery, lips enhancements, and boob job? Well, let’s see and identify one by one on the parts of her body that was considered as the result of plastic surgery procedures.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: Lips Filler Injection

The first cosmetic surgery that she could have is lips augmentation. It can be proved from the shape of her recent lips that looks very plump and it does not have the dip in the center like most other women’s natural lips do.

Anne Hathaway Lips Filler Injection

Anne Hathaway Lips Filler Injection

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If we look at her carefully especially when she is smiling, her smile is unusually wide and it dominates her face. Looking at her unusual smile, we guess that she probably got some lips filler injection like collagen or Restylane.

Nevertheless a lot of her fans still argue that her lips is still natural. They think that her plump lips is the effect of Anne Hathaway makeup which indirectly influences how she smiles. Even they prove their claims by showing how Angelina Jolie lips look. Therefore, they convince that Anne Hathaway lips is still natural without any filler injection there.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job

Many people found that the shape of her nose now looks better defined than before. They suppose that she possibly got a rhinoplasty surgery to refine the nose shape. They argue that her previous nose looks a bit wide and rounded at the tip.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before and After

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before and After

Her nose also looks not perfectly symmetrical and it has some bumps and ridges as well. Therefore, they believe if the rumor of Anne Hathaway nose job is obviously right. It is impossible for her to have natural change on her nose shape without any plastic surgeon’s help, moreover her age is no longer young, 32 years old.

Anne Hathaway Breast Implants (Boob Job)

Everyone admits if she has nice and full breast size, but who thought that the shape of her breasts made of silicone implants. Yes, there is a rumor if she has been under knife for boob job. Nevertheless some her fans believe if Anne Hathaway breast size is still all-natural.

Anne Hathaway Breast Implants Before and After

Anne Hathaway Breast Implants Before and After

They argue if she has got breast implants, her cleavage will not look unusual high and round, but what they see  is that Anne’s cleavage still looks like as usual. They convince the hatters, if they see Anne Hathaway boob looks to fluctuate, it is all because of different dress that she is wearing.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: Filler Injection

Anne face skin recently looks rather pale. Looking at her pale face, some people directly judge if the actress did not only have lips filler injection, but she also could have injectable filler on her face. However, if she does not really have such facial filler injection, she probably got chemical peels or skin laser treatments to make her face always appear young, fresh, and free-wrinkles.

And again, the rumor is denied by her fans. They think that Anne Hathaway pale skin is all because she merely stays out of the sun to avoid the skin damage. Therefore, her face looks in such way because because it rarely got sunshine.

In short, though the actress of Les Misérables film has never given any official statements regarding to plastic surgery allegations, some people strongly believe if the rumor of Anne Hathaway plastic surgery is truly a fact. Nevertheless a lot of her fans still deny those plastic surgery allegations.

What do you think about Anne Hathaway recent appearance? Does she appear to have some works done as many people suspect? You can decide by yourself based on the comparison of Anne Hathaway before and after plastic surgery pictures.

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