Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If plastic surgery is such a common thing to do in Hollywood, it is not in Bollywood. Takes place in a cultural country with local tradition, mostly people there believed in natural beauty. if there are some people or celebrities have got cosmetic surgery, they can not accept it easily.

The same thing happens to young Bollywood star, Ayesha Takia. She began her career when she was still a teenager. Like normally teenager all over the world, she had small figure with small breasts. But as she growing older, her breasts seem to grow uncontrollably bigger and bigger. Therefore some people began to wonder if this Bollywood actress has got breasts augmentation. On the other hand, her body shape previously looks big and fat but then she appears in slimmer frame. Many people speculate that she may get liposuction to change her body measurement.

Ayesha Takia Breast Implants Before and After

Ayesha Takia Breast Implants Before and After

It is known that India is a cultural country, where the people there tend to eat traditional food. Most of them have not been influenced by fast/junk food that could make them fat. Maybe that is why many Indian people having slim figures. With such body size, women tend to have small breasts to balance with the frame. When a woman has big breasts, it is not a common thing. Ayesha seems to go under the knife for breast implants to make her cup size bigger.

Comparing before and after photos, her breasts grow bigger as if it does not want to stop growing. However, in 2008 she was found going out from a hospital with new appearance. Some people predict that she possibly had got implant removed because her big cup size now looks smaller than before. As we know, the bigger breasts contain larger amount of implant and it looks too heavy to bring it. The actress must be suffered from the implant weight on her shoulder so that she decided to get it removed.

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After

One year later exactly 2009, she appeared with bigger body size. But in very short time, she has managed to get it slimmer. Looking at her body measurement change, some people predict that such body frame change could be the effect of hard working on gym, or she might have got liposuction which gave her a fast effect. It is said that the 28 years old actress has flight to other country to get the work done.

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Responding to all those allegations, the woman, who started her debut in Taarzan: The Wonder Car, refused them. Whatever the truth is, Ayesha has a bright future in the film industry and really has to take care of her appearance well.

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