Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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29 years old model, Bar Refaeli, appearance recently catches many people’s eyes. Some people wonder how her appearance can looks so sexy in very short time. There are many celebrity viewers predict that she has had some procedures of plastic surgery to obtain such sexy appearance.

This rumor spreads after she posted a photo with different appearance than she used to. Nevertheless this news has been spreading out widely among her fans, she hasn’t given any clear information about it.

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Before and After

The ex-girlfriend of Titanic’s star Leonardo Di Caprio, looks indeed gorgeous in every photos she has taken. The model used to have a mole on her left stomach, but lately it doesn’t appear anymore. The mole she had might be the effect of a skin cancer. As a model, Bar always gets a photo shoot in bikini, so it is not wonder if she has gotten much sun rays. When the model decided to remove it, there is a possibility that she do it to enhance her beauty too, not just for a medical reason.

People and some plastic surgeons have a suspicion that the star has more than removing the mole. Comparing before and after photos, it seems like Bar Rafaeli plastic surgery has done more than one to support her career as a model. She is accused for having breast augmentation because her breasts now look a bit larger than before. Unfortunately people think that her new cup size is too large for her slim body size.

Bar Refaeli Breast Implants Before and After

Bar Refaeli Breast Implants Before and After

The model also seems to have rhinoplasty since her nose tip becomes thinner and smaller compared to one back then.  She is also accused for having an injection on her face to eliminate skin blemishes and prevent forehead lines. One thing that should be noted is that she did not use botox in the injection, but blood. The blood was injected right into her face and this commonly known as ‘Vampire Facelift’. She might be sure that this new version of skin injection is safer and last longer than Botox injection.

The model that starts her career since she was a baby neither covers the fact that she has gone under the knife nor admits that she does. But in the end, Bar Refaeli plastic surgery has been caught by papparazi. The public could see the proof from the photo they have taken. From there, they can decide what to think about her appearance, believe it or not.

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