Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Barbara Eden Looks so beautiful with fresh face appearance though her age is almost 84 years old. This pretty grandma who was born on August 23, 1931 got her fame when she was staring one of the characters, Jeannie, in I Dream of Jeannie sitcom. Of course at that time Barbara Eden was still very young and beautiful. However, although the time passed so fast, it apparently does not influence her appearance. She still looks so young and stunning as if her age is still 50 years old.

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Barbara Eden Get plastic Surgery?

When she was questioned by some journalists of celebrity and beauty magazines, Barbara Eden admitted that she did get plastic surgery procedures. On the other hand, the actress also claimed that her youthful appearance was not all resulted from her cosmetic surgery procedures, she ensured that her healthy lifestyle also had great role to keep her amazing appearance in her 83-years-old-age. Barbara Eden may claim that her youthful face is partly resulted from her healthy lifestyle, but many people consider that her alibi is to divert her plastic surgery issue. Well, if she has really been under knife, what kind of surgical procedures. Here are some possible cosmetic surgery procedures that Barbara Eden might get.

Barbara Eden Nose Job

The first surgery procedure allegation is on her nose shape. Looking at her new nose shape makes some people wonder how her nose can change and look perfect whereas she previously had a bit bulbous and piggy nose. Based on such nose shape of Barbara, some people are really sure if the senior actress has been under knife for nose job.

Barbara Eden Before and After Plastic Surgery

Barbara Eden Before and After Plastic Surgery

Barbara Eden Facelift

The second cosmetic surgery procedure is on her face skin which looks so tight. It is very contradiction to other women’s face in her age. Most of them show many aging signs, but what we see on Barbara’s face. It just appears a few of aging signs, they are even almost invisible. Therefore some people do believe if the actress definitely got facelift surgery.

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

In order to make her face skin look fresh and to look young, She possibly combined her facelift with Botox injection. Even some source claimed that she got the multiple and continuously the filler injection on her face therefore her face skin always look fresh and smooth.

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Barbara Eden Breast Implants Before and After

Barbara Eden Breast Implants Before and After

Barbara Eden Boob Job (Breast Implants)

As woman in 83-years-old-age, Eden still has very impressing breast. It makes people believe if she got the breast implant too. The decision of getting boob job prevents her breast from gravitation, so it is still toned and not shaggy at all.

The former of A Very Brady Sequel star, Barbara Eden, may look god today with plastic surgery procedures. But many say that Barbara Eden plastic surgery is her obsession to be forever young.

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