Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery is lately being a hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers. Valeria Lukyanova reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures to make her appearance like barbie doll.

Valeri’s appearance does really really resemble the barbie, but there are many people shocked why she was so brave to change her beautiful appearance to be like barbie doll. They think that what she had done to her appearance will be a boomerang for herself because she has to get regular treatment so her barbie appearance will not change in the future.

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did  Barbie Woman Have Plastic Surgery?

Valeria Lukyanova, 29 years old, got her fame when she appeared for the first time in the World Wide beauty contest “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” and won the competition. Since then her name became topic of discussion among celebrity viewers. Moreover there is a rumor saying if she had been under knife to change her appearance like barbie doll. Some people may consider that it is normal thing because she is best known as fanatic fans of American toy-company Mattel, Inc, barbie.

However, not a few of them wonder why she is too brave to change her appearance, whereas she had been blessed with good genes and beautiful appearance without any surgery procedures done.

Regarding to whether she had really got some cosmetic surgery procedures or not, she strongly denied if she had been under knife for her barbie appearance. Nevertheless some still insist that she intentionally hides her surgery procedures in order her barbie appearance was considered as natural gift. Well, if she really got plastic surgery, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have?

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants

The first parts of her body that was considered as the result of plastic surgery is dealing with her cup size. It looks bigger and fuller than she used to. Some people may know that she previously had flat and small breast size. But what we see now, her bust looks increased two times bigger than before.

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Barbie Woman Breast Implants Before and After

Barbie Woman Breast Implants Before and After

Looking at her recent breast size, some people think that the barbie woman could have got breast implant to add the volume of her cup size. It is almost impossible for other women in her age can get such breast size if they do not have boob job. Nevertheless it has to be admitted that her appearance now looks perfect. She does not appear to go overboard with her breast implants.

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery: Lips Filler

The other surgery procedure that she could get is lips filler injection. it can be proven through her lips shape which looks a bit plump and fuller than before. It more adds her perfectness in appearing as barbie woman.

Barbie Woman Nose Job

Valeria Lukyanova also reportedly got rhinoplasty surgery to refine her nose shape which looks a bit wide with less pointed at the tip. As result, her nose now looks better, thinner, and straighter than she used to.

This woman apparently has also removed almost a half of her nasal bone, so her nose shape now can look slimmer. It may be caused by her desire to have a barbie appearance whose slim nose shape with quite pointed at the tip. Therefore she decided to remove all her nasal bone to create the slimmer nose shape. However, many people criticize her small nose, they think that it will not good for her health.

Barbie Woman Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

Last but not least, some people also predict that she could get liposuction as well to eliminate the excessive fats around her arm, thigh, and stomach. It is all is aimed to reshape her body shape in order to be slim as barbie has.

Barbie Woman Liposuction

Barbie Woman Liposuction

Even some people claim that Lukyanova may get multiple lipoplasty surgeries to remove almost the half of her fats in order to gain the perfect body shape as barbie’s body.

Over all, Valeria Lukyanova may be the only one whose perfect barbie appearance among other barbie women in the world. Though she denied all the rumors of her surgery procedures, but judging by before and after photos, some people believe if Barbie Woman plastic surgery rumor is truly a fact.

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