Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Doing a plastic surgery is very risky, including the expertness of the surgeon, sometimes along with painful process, and the results are only two possibilities, better or worse.

Do you think a celebrity needs to hide their cosmetic surgery? If it supports their career and makes them more confident, why did not they share the secret to their fans?

Some celebrities even mixed up the story behind their changing facial appearance with some accident. As the observer, public build their own thought about it.

Just like the ‘Can’t Smile without You’ singer, Barry Manilow, he is suspected of having some plastic surgeries done on his face, such as Rhinoplasthy, facelift (both up and lower lift), eyelid, and Botox. But the singer said that the rhinoplasthy done due to his freaky accident.

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After

In an interview, the legendary singer stated that he got an accident by hitting the wall after waking up in the middle of the night and walking disoriented. Then he went to plastic surgeon to fix her broken nose through nose job. Unfortunately some people can not easily accept it. They believe it is just a make up story to cover his intention to enhance his nose appearance. His nose previously had unbalance shape between the right and left nostrils, but it looks more balanced and defined now.

Barry Manilow Before and After Photos

Barry Manilow Before and After Photos

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People will miss guessed Barry’s real age by looking at his smooth skin face. He does not look like 71. His face is free from any wrinkle and other frown lines, some people do believe that it could be the effect of Botox injection. His eyes also look bright and fresh, free from any sagging skin and crow’s feet. The man who started his career since 1964 might get a blepharoplasthy surgery on his eyes. And by having facelift, both upper and lower part of the face, could make his skin face still looks so tight and smooth.

Barry Manilow wins on his fight against the aging sign, but not a few people claimed that his plastic surgeon has made the singer’s face looks surprised all the time therefore his appearance does not look natural. They regret to what he had done because it has almost ruined his face and made him looks differently. Do his fans still be able to smile with his decision to stay young as ever?

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