Best Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC

This post is inspired by one of my visitors email which was containing question about who the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons NYC is. In the email the patient told that she was not satisfied with the previous nose jobs. Therefore, she planned to have a nose revision. However, she had not found top revision rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC. She told that she had tried to browse and asked her friends about rhinoplasty specialist NYC to repair her short nose with large nostrils, but the answer did not satisfy her.

Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC

Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC

Since then, I tried to collect some information about Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC. After getting the reputable information, I found that Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who is based in 799 Park Avenue, NYC clinic is one of best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC. He is a triple board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology & the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His skill experience in nose jobs combined with some positives reviews from his patients makes me believe that he will help my visitor’s problems about nose revisions.

According to some plastic surgeons Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most difficult procedures of plastic surgery because it involves adding the cartilage to make the airway opened.

On the contrary, Dr. Ramtin Kassir revealed that generally to repair the nose shape through secondary rhinoplasty surgery is not hard job as long as the cartilage is not removed too much during the primary nose job”. For more detail information about the procedure, you can contact the doctor directly by visiting his clinic or by phone 212.288.3000.

The risk of Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

One thing that you have to note before deciding to get Revision Rhinoplasty surgery is about its risk. According to top revision rhinoplasty surgeons, if you would take the revision rhinoplasty, you had to be ready for losing the sense of smell temporarily, longstanding swelling, rupturing of small blood vessels, excessive scarring, anesthesia complications, and it even can be skin loss.

The Recovery for Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Besides the risk, you have to remember about how long Revision Rhinoplasty takes recovery. Basically, Revision rhinoplasty recovery is not much different with the recovery of primary nose job. Nasal packing is going to help you in reducing the swelling and bleeding after rhinoplasty surgery. However, the nasal packing will make you unable to breath through your nose as long as it has not been removed.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Cost

Well, if you have been sure about the risk and the time for revision rhinoplasty recovery, you have to prepare your money about $25,000 for Revision Rhinoplasty Cost. However, it does not include correcting airway problems. If you have health insurance, you can cover part of the fee.

But, if you think that you lack of the fee and really want to take Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Ramtin Kassir, you can ask him about monthly payments. You will not only get financing options for Revision Rhinoplasty, but you will also get valuable tips concerning with revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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