Beth Karas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

There are a lot of speculations about Beth Karas plastic surgery. Some people say that the TV commentator has got nose job, but not a few of them say that she may not only get a rhinoplasty surgery. Karas could get other surgery procedures done on her appearance like Botox injection and more.

Beth Karas Nose Job Before and After

Beth Karas Nose Job Before and After

Beth Karas plastic surgery indicates that cosmetic surgery is not always dominated by celebrities, but other public figures like TV commentator also have the possibilities to be under knife. It may all be caused by the demands of their career in which they often appear on television.

Dealing with the allegation of Beth Karas plastic surgery, we do notice that her appearance seems to be different than she used to especially the shape of her nose. We see that Beth Karas nose now looks slimmed down, whereas the shape of her nose previously looks a bit wide and round at the tip.

Looking at the difference on her nose, we predict that she could have got nose job as many people alleged. Our belief is based on her unnatural nose change. She had sudden change on the shape of her nose which is almost impossible for other women. Look at her nasal bridge; it has apparently been narrowed while the bump at the tip seems to be reduced. As result Beth Karas nose now looks thinner and sharper than before.

Beth Karas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beth Karas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by the comparison between Beth Karas before and after plastic surgery pictures, we also notice that her face skin appears unnatural as well. It still looks smooth and tight in which it is very contrast to other women’s face in her age. Generally, 55-year-old women will have some aging signs around their face as the parts of the natural aging process. But what we see on Beth Karas’ appearance, she still appears flawless with wrinkles-free.

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Looking at her flawless and unnatural appearance, we predict that she possibly gets regular Botox injection to grid of frown lines around her face. As result, we can see that her face still looks toned and sleek.

Even though the rumor of Beth Karas plastic surgery has been spreading widely and becomes trending topic among plastic surgery experts, she has never given any statements whether she has been under knife or not. She just keeps the secret of her youthful appearance tightly.

Over all, a senior reporter of truTV might not have released official statements regarding to the rumor. But, based on the pictures comparison between before and after photos, we believe that Beth Karas plastic surgery is truly a fact.

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