Blair Fowler Nose Job Before and After

Lately, some people are shocked by Blair Fowler statements if she has gotten plastic surgery procedure, nose job. It rarely happens that a public figure, celebrity, admitted their beauty surgery. Most of them always deny that they have had some surgical procedures done to enhance their appearance.

Since Blair Fowler admitted her rhinoplasty surgery, many people began wondering how well her nose job was done. They began to find Blair Fowler before plastic surgery pictures then compared them to her new appearance. As a result, Blair Fowler nose indeed looks prettier than before. Her nose now looks narrower with more projected tip. You can see that her previous nose looked a little bit wide with undefined tip.

Blair Fowler Before Nose Job Before and After

Blair Fowler Before Nose Job Before and After

Nose job or medically called rhinoplasty surgery is indeed not something new for Hollywood celebrities. Many of them have been reported to get nose job to beautify their noses. For example, let’s look at the shape of Julia roberts’ nose, her nose now looks much more beautiful than before getting rhinoplasty surgery.

The other actresses who reportedly got nose improvement are Jared Padalecki and Janet Jackson. Both of the women reportedly got a lot of benefits from their rhinoplasty surgeries. Their nose now look much more projected than before being under knife.

Despite they reportedly had nose job, but none of them admitted that she had their nose refined by plastic surgeon. They insisted that their nose shapes were still natural without rhinoplasty surgery.

One thing that I can note from Blair Fowler nose job is that she took different way than her friends. She did not hide her beauty surgery, but she openly admitted that she had been under knife for a rhinoplasty surgery.

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