Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Just like any other rock star like AXL Rose and Gene Simmons, Bret Michaels also reportedly got plastic surgery to keep his cool appearance. There are many obviously plastic surgery signs that lead to cosmetic surgery allegation.

Like other reason of celebrities whose some works done on their appearance, Bret Michaels plastic surgery is conducted due to medical reason. Nevertheless some people do not believe if his surgical procedures are for medical reason in stead of beauty enhancement.

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Before and After

Has Bret Michaels Had Plastic Surgery?

A 51 years old rock star, Bret Michaels, is best known as lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison. When he was on his fame, he looked very cool and handsome. But, his appearance recently looks weird even horrible. Therefore some people do believe if Bret Michaels has got plastic surgery gone wrong.

There are many people are wondering why he was so careless to his cool appearance by having some cosmetic surgical procedures done on his face. They are also wondering what exactly surgical procedures that he had got so his appearance looks so weird. Here are some possible plastic surgery procedures that he might get so that his appearance can look in such way.

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery: Facelift

The firs plastic surgery allegation is focused on his face skin which looks so tight and smooth. It is a bit hard to find the aging signs on his face whereas his age is almost 52 years old. Generally, a 50 years old male’s face will show the wrinkles and other saggy skin around his face. But what we see on Michaels’ face skin, it still looks smooth and flawless.

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Face

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery Face

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Looking at his recent face, some people predict that he could have facelift combined with some facial filler injection. It is almost impossible for 50 years old men to have such face skin if they do not have some works done there.

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

The other spotlighted that is suspected as the result of plastic surgery is around his stomach. He apparently lost too much his excessive fats around his stomach. It is really uncommon thing for a man to have liposuction, but if we look at Bret Michaels’ appearance we do believe if he could have been under knife for liposuction.

Bret Michaels liposuction rumor was firstly spreading out when he had live concert in which he was in topless that show up his flatten belly and ripped body. It has to be noted that he previously had a lot of excessive fats around his stomach.

Bret Michaels Plastic Surgery: Jaw Implant

Besides facelift and liposuction, the superstar also reportedly got jaw implants. It can be proven through his recent jaw shape which looks much different than he used to. However, some source claimed that Bret Michaels Jaw Implant was due to he has got a car accident that almost broke his face. Nevertheless some people think that he could have taken a lot of advantages from his surgery procedure, jaw implant.

In short, the former of guest singer in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock might get a lot of plastic surgery procedures done on his face and other parts of his body, but it has to be admitted that Bret Michaels’s appearance still remains cool and handsome even though his appearance looks so different than he used to.

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