Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bridget Marquardt plastic surgery secrets revealed. That is the hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers and her fans. She reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures since some people saw her with a bit different appearance than she used to.

However, the rumor of Bridget Marquardt plastic surgery seems seems to always rolls because she never gives any statement relating to the allegation. She is just silent when reporters questioned or confirmed to her regarding to the truth of these rumors.

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Did Bridget Marquardt Have Plastic Surgery?

The former model of Playboy magazine, who was born on September 25, 1973, does look a bit different than she used to. Her eyes and forehead appears unnatural for a 41-year-old-woman. Meanwhile, Bridget’s cheeks and lips also looks unusual like many women in her age do.

Judging by the comparison Bridget Marquardt before and after plastic surgery pictures, we predict that she has got eye lift, forehead lift, cheeks implants, lips filler injection, and it is not impossible for her to get Botox injection as well. In order to give you clearer information, let’s take a look how Bridget Marquardt plastic surgery procedures were all done one by one.

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery: Blepharoplasty

There are a lot of people see that her eyes looks unnatural for a 40-year-old woman. Her eyes does not show any crows feet lines or eyes bag under and upper the eyes area, but Marquardt’s eyes still appears fresh and wide opened.

Commonly a 41-year-old woman’s eyes show aging signs as the result of aging process. However, what we see on Marquardt’s eyes, it totally contrasts to the eyes of other women in her age.

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Therefore, we do believe if the actress has been under knife for eyelid surgery. Even though the changes are very subtle, but they are obviously noticeable.

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery: Forehead lift

The other face feature of Bridget Marquardt that reaps plenty of disputes is dealing with how her face skin especially her forehead appears. In her 41-year-old age, she does not have any wrinkles around her forehead. What we’ve seen seems to be unusual for other women in her age if they do not have  a browlift surgery.

Bridget Marquardt Before and After Plastic Surgery

Bridget Marquardt Before and After Plastic Surgery

The aging signs like frown lines usually begin to appear on the face when the age has reached more than 35 years old. However, what we see on Bridget’s forehead, it still appears smooth and toned. We suspect that she may not only have a forehead lift, but she may also have to get the filler injection like Botox around her face skin.

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery: Cheek implants

To determine whether she has got cheek implants or not seems to be a hard job because the sign is very subtle. However, if she really has got cheek implants like many people alleged, she may get a lot of advantages from her cosmetic surgery procedure.

Look at her cheek..! it still appears natural as if she does not have any surgery procedure done on her cheek. Looking at her wonderful cheek, we believe that Bridget Marquardt cheek augmentation is done well therefore she can still look stunning.

Bridget Marquardt Plastic Surgery: Lips augmentation

The other surgery procedures that she could have is lip filler injection. The allegation can be proved from the appearance of Bridget Marquardt’s lips which looks more plumped than before.

We guess that she intentionally got this cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance her lips appearance and to gain the impression of sexy lips. Even though her lips look more curvaceous, but she does not appear to get lips augmentation overdone.

In short, even though the secrets of Bridget Marquardt plastic surgery has been revealed, but the actress has never given any official statements regarding to the facts. Nevertheless, one thing that we can take a lesson from her surgery is that it was well done.

What do you think of Bridget Marquardt youthful appearance? Does she look like to have more plastic surgery procedures done? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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