Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Some celebrities are not afraid to go under the knife to enhance their beauty. They are brave enough to be touched by the doctor’s knife on their skin face. But, seeing many clients going in and out on her first husband’s surgery room has made Brooke Burke Charvet afraid to do the same thing. Her first husband, Garreth Fisher was a surgeon who handles many celebrities as his clients. She saw various results on them. But even if she is scared of having a plastic surgery, she admitted that she had gone under the knife to implant her breasts on her mid twenties.

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Brooke Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Brooke Burke Really Have Plastic Surgery?

The mother of four children from her two marriages had done breasts augmentation when she was young. Just like any other woman, she gained more confidence if her breasts are bigger. But years later after she got married, she decided to reduce the size back due to her obligation to feed her babies. The only other surgery she had done was a surgery to remove the thyroid cancer on 2012. It makes her more aware of her health and decides not to take any more surgeries.

The co-host of Dancing with the Stars 2010-2013 maintains a healthy life style. She does exercise everyday and manages to do diet. Her favorite diet is Mediterranean, which food contains of fish and vegetables. Her efforts to have her healthy life style was recorded in DVD and released for public with Brooke Burke Body: 30-Day Slim Down as the title.

Brooke focused on taking care of her family with her current husband, David Charvet. She released her first book, The Naked Mom, contains of her view about motherhood and creating a blended family. Having many kids from different father really concerns her. Maybe that is also the reason for her not to take any surgery because she does not have time to even think about it. Her family is more important than a fake beauty.

And now, in her age of 42 Brooke has a wonderful body. There is not any excessive fat and sagging skin on her body appearance. It seems like working out in the gym regularly can really give the best result on the body. Brook has proved it. And it is much safer than plastic surgery because it does not have bad side effect in the future.

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    ” Just like any other woman, she gained more confidence if her breasts are bigger.” That is such bullshit. Bigger breasts sometimes ruin a women’s confidence because they only attract perverts or creepy old men. Bigger breasts cannot give you confidence.

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