Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery is claimed as one of the best examples for good cosmetic surgery. Many people see though she is already 80 years old, but her appearance still looks attractive and younger than other women in her age.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nonetheless, there are still many people are wondering about the procedures of Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery because there are still many disputes about the detail procedures. Some people say that she only had regular Botox injection. But, not a few of celebrity watchers claim that the 80-year-old actress could also have facelift surgery. Which one is true? Or did she have both of those procedures?

Detail Procedures of Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

It is a fact that most of women, young and old, wish to look perfect, youthful and healthy including Carol Burnett who is a famous actress. Actually, there are many ways, natural and extreme, to maintain the appearance in order to always look fresh, stunning and youthful.

However, for some celebrities especially actress, they seem to prefer taking the shortcut to improve their appearance rather than taking the natural way. Many of them prefer to take plastic surgery rather than having healthy lifestyle. They might think that cosmetic surgery is the instant way to alter their look. In the case of Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery, she seemed to have facelift and filler injection. Is that true? Let’s see the following reviews of plastic surgeons!

Carol Burnett Plastic surgery Procedures: Facelift or Botox?

Judging from the comparison between before and after photos, the latest of Burnett’s appearance indeed reflects both of facelift and Botox. Moreover, many plastic surgeons reveal that to make the face look ageless is not enough only with facelift or Botox. Both of these procedures are complementary to one another.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Photos

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Photos

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Facelift surgery will make the skin look firmer while the use of Botox injections will make the face skin look even smoother if done properly. Seeing Carol Burnett’s facial skin, the skin of her face indeed still looks tight and smooth. It rarely happens to other women in her age if they do not have some beauty treatments.

Did Carol Burnett admit all the speculations of plastic surgery? Since the rumors has been spreading and has become hot topic in several celebrity online forums for long time, she has not given any statement regarding the rumors. Burnett still keeps silent whenever some journalists of beauty magazine try to confirm these speculations to her.

Well, Carol Burnett may not be the only middle-aged actress that reportedly has been under knife to keep the youthful look. There are still many other middle-aged actresses that have also benefited from facelift and filler injection. Let’s take a look how Barbra Streisand maintains her ageless appearance through facelift. And then, how Raquel Welch has benefited from the use of Botox injection.

What do you think of Carol Burnett’s appearance? Does she look like having facelift and Botox injection? Feel free to share this post if you find something interesting in it!