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Asian Plastic Surgery

Suzy Bae Plastic Surgery

Suzy Bae plastic surgery rumors might have been annoying the actress because a lot of viewers seem never stop talking about the speculation whether she had a cosmetic surgery or not. It is not denied anymore that the former star of  KBS2 TV series Dream High has been blessed with beautiful face. Even, she was… Read More

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

If you are fans of New York film, I am sure that you are familiar with one of the stars of the film. She is Katrina Kaif. She recently becomes trending topic in several forums and social media. She reportedly has had some procedures of plastic surgery after some people see that her appearance looks… Read More

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery

Many people seem to be unable to stop talking about Korean plastic surgery. Recently, they are talking about the possibility for Song Joong Ki to get plastic surgery. The rumors began spreading after there are several before and after photos uploaded on internet. Surprisingly, from the pictures comparison show some surprising facts about his appearance… Read More

Korean Stars Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery is claimed as the best one in the world. This hypothesis is based on some reports that say South Korea has been visited by more than 7.5 million people who want to do cosmetic surgery in order to look like K-pop stars. It is reported that it is not deniable anymore if… Read More

South Korean Plastic Surgery Cost and Procedures

Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean plastic surgery lately steals many public attentions, not only in Asia but even in U.S. It is all may be caused by a report that says if 40% of Koreans have ever been under knife. Even many plastic surgery watchers think that cosmetic surgery in Korea has become a new culture even though there… Read More

Korean Plastic Surgery Singapore Clinics

Plastic Surgery Singapore Clinics

Plasticsurgeryfact.com- Plastic Surgery Singapore and Korean Plastic Surgery are lately stealing public attention. Especially Plastic Surgery in Korea. It is said that 40% of the Koreans have had some surgical procedures done to improve their appearance. See our previous post "Successful Kpop Plastic Surgery" in order to know the statistic of cosmetic surgery in Republic… Read More

Kpop Plastic Surgery 2015

Asian Plastic Surgery or it usually refers to Kpop Plastic Surgery is not something new anymore in our ear. It may be caused by there are so many South Korean celebrities who are reported having undergone plastic surgery. The big question who are the celebrities that reported having some surgical procedures done? And how well… Read More

Goo Hye Sun Plastic Surgery Before and After

Goo Hye Sun Plastic Surgery

A lot of people lately are talking about Goo Hye Sun plastic surgery since there were many before and after photos, before being a famous actress and after being an actress, uploaded on internet. Previously, people considered that her beauty was natural, but after looking at her photos collection (before being an actress). Some people… Read More

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery

Park Si Yeon plastic surgery lately becomes hot topic of discussion among Asian plastic surgery watchers. Some people say if the former of Miss Korea looks much different after gaining her fame. However, their allegation seems to be strongly denied by a lot of her fans. Many of her fans believe that the Yeon's appearance… Read More

Kim Sun Ah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Sun Ah Plastic Surgery

Kim Sun Ah plastic surgery becomes hot news in recent years. There are many her fans are talking about the possibility for her to get plastic surgery. Indeed, there are a lot of Korean celebrities reportedly got some plastic surgery procedures. This makes some people suspect that Kim Sun Ah has undergone cosmetic surgery as… Read More