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Bad Plastic Surgery

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery

Joan Van Ark is now more than 70 years old. Much more has been said about Joan Van Ark plastic surgery as if she had no right to try to enhance her beauty. Of course, not everybody gets it right. Either she had too much of it, or she had a bad surgeon.    … Read More

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Most people particularly celebrities are very realistic and reasonable about their interest in getting procedures of plastic surgery. However some celebrities seems to take things too much and become extreme in their desire to look as beautiful and perfect as possible.  Here are some examples of worst plastic surgeries ever. Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and… Read More

Stephanie March Plastic Surgery

Stephanie March recently speaks up about her plastic surgery nightmare. She told that she had a breast augmentation in 2014 due to her husband suggestion, chef Bobby Flay. But, after she divorced with her husband, she decided to take off the implants. What happened to her breast implants, so that she removed it? RELATED: Top… Read More

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Pictures

Are you sure seeking inspiration for your next surgery? Seeing Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery seems to make you think twice to get some procedures of cosmetic surgery. It is still fresh in our memory that Jocelyn, 75 years old, was nicknamed 'Catwoman or Cat Lady' after she had spent $4,0000,000 to makeover her appearance in order… Read More

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Lately, the social media is as though buzzing after many people saw Meg Ryan's new face at Tony Awards 2016. Through the social media Twitter, a lot of people expressed their wonder about what happened to the 54-year-old actress. There were some of viewers speculated that her new face was due to plastic surgery gone… Read More

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before And After

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery has reportedly gone wrong due to her weird appearance. Is that true? Let’s see the following reviews together. Before talking about her surgery further, it seems to be more complete knowing Joyce Meyer biography first. She is best known as a religious woman. Some people may know her as a Bible… Read More

Botched Plastic Surgery Photos Before and After

Botched Plastic Surgery Photos

There is a proverb in business “where there is money there will always be imitators”. The same thing is able to easily apply to plastic surgery. It is not a secret anymore if plastic surgery has become new trend for many women especially celebrity. There are many actresses reportedly get this beauty surgery to enhance… Read More

Twins Sara and Emma Koponen Plastic Surgery

Are you a fan of plastic surgery? or you may be planning  to have some cosmetic surgery procedures. If you are so, you should read this Stories of Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong. The story comes from Twins Sara and Emma Koponen. Both of them reportedly would like to look identical surgical modifications. But unluckily, their… Read More

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Many people are shocked by Demi Moore latest appearance. She looks a little bit weird. She is not as beautiful as before. What happens to her? Based on some sources that I’ve ever read, Demi Moore reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong even though she denied it. There are many before and after photos uploaded… Read More

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Paul Stanley who is best known as an American musician and co-lead vocalist of the rock band Kiss, is reported to have got plastic surgery procedures to keep his youthful appearance. Based on the spreading rumor, the 61-year-old singer-songwriter is rumored to have got facelift which is combined with Botox injection, nose job, brow lift, blepharoplasty or eyelid… Read More