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Bad Plastic Surgery

Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery

Kenny Loggins plastic surgery is lately being a hot topic of discussion among celebrity viewers. He reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong due to his unrecognizable appearance. The plastic surgery speculation began spreading out after he became a guest star on Raising Hope in which he was almost unrecognizable. Some people who saw him at… Read More

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tina Louise Plastic Surgery

Tina Louise plastic surgery is considered as the main cause for her weird appearance. Looking at her appearance, many plastic surgeons believe that she must have plastic surgery procedures done excessively so that her appearance looks horrible. Even though many people claimed that Tina Louise plastic surgery had gone wrong, but not a few of… Read More

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery

Lately, many people are talking about Lee Grant plastic surgery. They think that her appearance looks weird now after getting some cosmetic surgery procedures done on her face features. They even think that her unnatural looks is the effect of plastic surgery that she had when she was young. Lee Grant’s face does till look… Read More

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers plastic surgery is now becoming trending topic in social media. She reportedly got plastic surgery following her mother, Joan Rivers plastic surgery. But unluckily, her surgical procedures are not all well done so that her appearance now looks a bit weird. Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery: Bad or Good Born on 20th January, 1968 in… Read More

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

David Coverdale plastic surgery is now becoming hot topic of discussion among celebrity watchers. It is all because his appearance which looks so weird. His appearance is not as cool as he was young. Is that true if plastic surgery has ruined his cool appearance? David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos If David… Read More

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Charo Plastic Surgery

Many people are now talking about Charo plastic surgery. It is all because her appearance looks weird and even horrible now. Some people predict that her late appearance is the effect of bad plastic surgery. Her face indeed still looks tight and smooth, but overall her appearance looks unnatural and weird. Judging by before and… Read More

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bree Walker Plastic Surgery

Senior journalist Bree Walker is not only well-known as a Television news anchor and hostess for radio talk show in New York, but she is also best known as an activist for disability rights. She may have retired from newsroom, but her name is lately popping up in some media, television and magazines. But unfortunately… Read More

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery

A lot of Hollywood celebrities reportedly got plastic surgery as the way they treat for their appearance in order to always look young though their age are not young anymore. Lately, many people are talking about Burt Reynolds plastic surgery. It is all due to his youthful look at his 79-year-old age. However, not all… Read More

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Howard Stern Plastic Surgery

Public lately are being shocked by the confession of Howard Stern plastic surgery. He opens minded to share his plastic surgery procedures. Unlike many other celebrities who always hide their cosmetic surgery even though there have been a lot of facts about their beauty enhancement surgeries. Based on his statement in some interviews with celebrity… Read More

Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After

Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery

Are you familiar with American electronic and pop duo called Boomkat? It contains of two siblings, Taryn Manning and his brother. Taryn is such beautiful woman with youthful appearance. Like what happened on any other celebrities, public also wonder what the secret behind her gorgeous appearance is. Public believed that the rumor of Taryn Manning Plastic… Read More