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Christina El Moussa Boob Job

Christina El Moussa landed a role on HGTV show Flip or Flop when a demo of her and her husband was submitted to HGTV. That signaled the beginning of her rise to fame. The chemistry of Christina and her husband Tarek El Moussa was the main reason for the success of the show. Together, they… Read More

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

Sylvester Stallone who was born in New York, USA, July 6, 1946 is best known as a successful veteran film actor. As a senior actor, he has been playing for many roles in various films. Since she gained success as an actor, he expanded his career as a filmmaker, screenwriter, film director and also occasional… Read More

Sheryl Crow Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sheryl Crow Plastic Surgery

Sheryl Crow plastic surgery becomes hot news in some celebrity magazines. They report that the woman, who is not only best known as an American singer and songwriter, but also a successful actress, has hidden her beauty secret from public. They reveal that her ageless look is as the result of plastic surgery. Did Sheryl… Read More

Pamela McCoy Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumor?

Pamela McCoy Plastic Surgery

Pamela McCoy is recently being hot topic of discussion among the fans and some celebrity watchers. She reportedly had some plastic surgery procedures so that her appearance still looks great for her age. Nevertheless, the truth of Pamela McCoy plastic surgery rumor is still debatable among plastic surgeons. Did Pamela McCoy Really Get Plastic Surgery? According to the… Read More

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Everyone must have been familiar with Billy Crystal, an actor, singer, producer, comedian, and writer. His name is lately being talked by celebrity watchers. He reportedly got some surgical enhancements due to his unnatural appearance. Has Billy Crystal Got Plastic Surgery? Looking at his appearance, some people may think that his age is still 40s… Read More

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams plastic surgery has been stealing public attention over years. There are many people are still wondering about her surgical procedures because she still looks very attractive from year to year despite increasing age. Some people may know that she reportedly got breast implants and liposuction twenty years ago, but if we look at her appearance… Read More

Taylor Armstrong Before After Plastic Surgery

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery

Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery is lately being a hot topic of discussion in social media. It is all because of her youthful appearance which looks unnatural. Some people who look at her appearance believe that the 43-year-old American television personality had been under knife. Still, she has not given any official statement regarding the plastic… Read More

Jacqueline Bisset Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline Bisset, 70 years old, has been working in film industry more than 40 years. As a senior actress, she of course has picked up many tips for how to appear with best look in Hollywood. However, though her age has been 70 years old, but she does not appear as an old woman. Her… Read More

Cyndi Lauper Plastic Surgery

Like other 50-year-old actresses, Cyndi Lauper also reportedly got plastic surgery. Judging by before and after photos, we notice that her appearance does not change a lot. She still looks as attractive as she was young. Looking at her recent appearance and then comparing to the old one, some people do believe if the rumor… Read More

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rene Russo Plastic Surgery

There are not many 60-year-old women can still look great and gorgeous. If they do, many speculations will rise due to uncommon appearance. Rene Russo Plastic Surgery has been spread widely as she still has a great appearance even she already aged more than half century. The actress has already stated that she has been… Read More