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Butt Implants

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Augmentation Cost

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Buttock Injection

Do you have too small and flat buttocks? And you fantasize to have fuller and rounder butt, plastic surgery buttock augmentation may become the right option for you. There are many Hollywood celebrities and singers reportedly have undergone this procedure. Let's take a look at famous singer Nicki Minaj fake butt. She now appears with… Read More

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Photos

Every person is responsible for everything to what they say and hold onto the principle that they have made, especially for those who make living in entertainment industry, many people watch their transformation. Jennifer Lopez is one of the people who stand up on her decision and principle in avoiding the plastic surgery. She has… Read More

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Photos

Having a sexy and attractive appearance is everybody’s dream. That makes people wonder how former Miss USA and ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ TV show cast, Kenya Moore, achieved it. Many men idolize her body, even though she doesn’t have bright skin color. Nowadays , she is being accused for doing some cosmetic surgery procedures to… Read More