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Lisa Robertson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lisa Robertson Plastic Surgery

Lisa Robertson Plastic Surgery lately steals public attention. Many people see that her appearance still looks awesome even though her age is not young anymore. Some of them predict she possibly has gotten some cosmetic surgery procedures done. However, what type of surgical procedures that she has had is still being debated by a lot… Read More

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

The rumor of Steven Tyler plastic surgery lately steals public attention. The lead singer of Aerosmith reportedly got some beauty surgeries to keep his cool and youthful appearance. The big question is “what type of plastic surgery did he have” and “how well is the result”. The speculation of Steven Tyler cosmetic surgery began spreading… Read More

Mark Kriski Plastic Surgery

Mark Kriski plastic surgery apparently becomes one of the hottest headlines lately. He reportedly got some surgical procedures to keep his youthful and ageless appearance at his old age, 58 years old. However, what type of his cosmetic surgery procedures are still debated among plastic surgeons. Some of them think that he might have got… Read More

Emmylou Harris Plastic Surgery

Emmylou Harris lately becomes a hot topic of discussion in several forums due to her amazing appearance at her age, 67 years old. Many people wonder how she could manage her beautiful appearance in her old age if she does not have some beauty treatments. They believe that her youthful look is as the result… Read More

Khandi Alexander Plastic Surgery

Khandi Alexander who is best known as a dancer, choreographer, and actress is lately rumored having some plastic surgery procedures due to the different appearance. There are many people see that her face looks unnatural because it appears too tight without frown lines. Did Khandi Alexander Have Plastic Surgery? Born on 4th September 1957, her… Read More

Sean Patrick Flanery Plastic Surgery

Sean Patrick Flanery who is best known as an actor previously had natural appearance. However, his appearance lately looks a little bit different therefore many people are talking about the possibility for him to get plastic surgery. They think that he intentionally got some beauty surgeries to fight the aging problems. What Are the Types… Read More

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Many celebrity watchers notice that Julia Roberts' appearance now looks a little bit different. Her facial skin looks tightened without any aging signs, whereas her age is already 47 years old. What is the secret of her ageless look? Is it possible for her to get plastic surgery? Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery: Facts or Rumor… Read More

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gerald Posner Plastic Surgery

Gerald Posner plastic surgery is recently stealing public attention. Many people think that plastic surgery is usually done by some celebrities in the world especially in Hollywood. But, cosmetic surgery is now starting to spread to the politicians. One of well-known politician who was rumored to have plastic surgery procedure is Gerald Posner, an American… Read More

Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery

Everybody must not be strange with this Austrian and American actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He reportedly got plastic surgery procedures done in his appearance to turn back the hands of time. However, there are a lot of people are still wondering about Arnold Schwarzenegger plastic surgery procedures. Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos Born… Read More

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joan Kennedy Plastic Surgery

A lot of people are now talking about Joan Kennedy plastic surgery. This is all due to her ageless and flawless appearance at her 78-year-old age.  She may not the only woman who reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures, but what she did for her appearance seems to become interesting topic for celebrity plastic surgery… Read More