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Stephanie Powers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Stephanie Powers Plastic Surgery

Stephanie Powers’ actress career began since the 1960s, but her appearance does not change a lot. She still looks as attractive as she was young though her age is almost 72 years old. For that reason, many plastic surgeons predict that she might have got some cosmetic surgery procedures done to keep her ageless appearance… Read More

Melody Thomas Scott Plastic Surgery

Many people agree if Melody Thomas Scott is beautiful, energy, and great personality actress. As a talented actress she must have got a lot of awards and played in many films. However, there are many people are now suing her natural beauty since there are plenty before and after photos uploaded on internet which refer… Read More

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery

Recently, public is being shocked by Rick Springfield's confession about plastic surgery. Yeah, he frankly told that he had got some cosmetic surgery procedures done to keep his youthful appearance. Nonetheless, he did not tell in detail what type of plastic surgery procedures he had got, therefore a lot of people are still wondering about… Read More

Diahann Carroll Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diahann Carroll Plastic Surgery

The rumor of Diahann Carroll plastic surgery now becomes one of the hottest topics in various celebrity magazines. She reportedly got cosmetic surgery procedures to maintain her attractive appearance like she was young. It seems to be reasonable because she now looks much different than she used to. Her face looks a bit swollen and… Read More

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Margaret Julia Thomas, or known as Marlo Thomas is one of the senior celebrities who gain her success from television and films. She was the second woman who produced their own television series. After her series has ended, she appears in many other series. She also joined the Ms. Foundation for Women, an organization that… Read More

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery

We could not say that Ray Liotta plastic surgery is the best plastic surgery ever which was experienced by a male celebrity. If we check before and after pictures, we will easily see if the actor has taken a lot of advantages from cosmetic surgery procedure benefits. His face is far a way from wrinkles… Read More

Sarah Ferguson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sarah Ferguson Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery fever hit all the participants in the industry. As soon as someone stepped into the glamour world, they will get recognized by the public and they will be the subject of their talk. They will be discussed either for their career or their appearances. Of course they want to be praised, so many… Read More

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jacklyn Zeman Plastic Surgery

Can you mention the longest running American soap opera in production? If you said “General Hospital”, you are absolutely right. The soap opera were first premiered in April 1, 1963, airing until today. You might be old enough to recognize one of the casts, Bobbie Spencer, played by Jacklyn Zeman. She rolled the cast from… Read More

Michael Learned Plastic Surgery

Women are gifted with beauty to be the part of their life. Most of them are able to use their beauty to pursue career in film industry. It is very pleasing to see beautiful actress on television. But unfortunately, there is nothing last forever, including a woman’s beauty. The beauty of a woman will be… Read More

Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery

There will always be room for someone in film industry. The necessity of various people to cast in various roles, especially for television series, makes any people possible to join it. There is no term to be too young or too old to have a career in film industry. Many senior celebrities have been found… Read More