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Good Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fact

Recently, many celebrity magazines write headlines about the increasing number of young people to go under knife in order to have taut teenage skin and perfect appearance like celebrities. Is that true that celebrity plastic surgery encourages young people to have plastic surgery procedures in order that they can look perfect like celebrities? Based on… Read More

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery 2015 Photos

Beverly D Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D’Angelo lately becomes hot news in several celebrity magazines. It is not dealing with her career achievements, but a lot of people are now talking about the possibility for her to get plastic surgery because her appearance now looks unnatural and a little bit different than she used to.If you pay attention closely her… Read More

Gloria Vanderbilt Plastic Surgery

Many people are lately shocked by Gloria Vanderbilt's look. They see that her appearance now does not look like many women in her age do, she looks twenty years younger. What is the secret of her ageless appearance? Did she have plastic surgery? Gloria Laura Vanderbilt was born on February 20, 1924. She is now… Read More

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery has been stealing many public attentions over years. It is all because of her controversy statement that she will have additional procedures of plastic surgery in the future after having some work done in the past. We may still remember that she previously ever had admitted having breast implant (boob job)… Read More

Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery

The speculations of Andie Macdowell plastic surgery recently become hot topic of discussion in several celebrity online forums. This because of her statement that she claims her appearance is natural without any cosmetic surgery procedures. However, a lot of celebrity watchers see that her appearance looks unnatural and indicates the result of plastic surgery. What… Read More

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery is claimed as one of the best examples for good cosmetic surgery. Many people see though she is already 80 years old, but her appearance still looks attractive and younger than other women in her age. Nonetheless, there are still many people are wondering about the procedures of Carol Burnett Plastic… Read More

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery lately becomes hot topic of discussion among netizens. The former model reportedly got some procedures of plastic surgery to keep and to enhance her youthful appearance. Are these rumors true? If she has really been under knife for some beauty enhancements, what type of cosmetic surgery she had? Melania Trump former… Read More

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

There are many speculations regarding Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery. In the past she was rumored to have had some procedures of beauty surgery done like nose job, breast implants, and fat grafting or cheek implants. And now, she is lately being reported to have additional surgery procedure like breast implant removal and breast lift. However… Read More

Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery

The speculation of Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery may have been spreading over the years. Even some people may have forgotten and do not care anymore about the rumor. But, now they begin to be curious about the news of Demi Lovato Drug Addiction. Demi Lovato Biography Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato who was born on August… Read More

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery

The rumor of Celine Dion Plastic Surgery lately steals public attention. The woman who was born on 30 March 1968 reportedly had some beauty enhancements to keep her attractive appearance. However, the truth of the rumor is still debated by many plastic surgeons. Did Celine Dion Have Plastic Surgery It is not secret anymore that… Read More