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Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery

Adrien Arpel plastic surgery leads a lot of pros and cons. It is all because she is best known as an icon of skin care products that always campaign living beauty with QVC product. However, she herself prefers to take cosmetic surgery than her sponsorship product. There are many people are wondering why she took… Read More

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery now becomes trending topic of discussion among his fans and some celebrity watchers in various forums. It is all because his appearance looks much different than he used. He now looks weird and even looks a bit horrible. For those who look at his recent appearance begin to wonder if The… Read More


Lately, many people are talking about Lauren Koslow plastic surgery. They predict that she has been under knife to maintain and manage her youthful appearance. She reportedly got some surgery procedures such as facelift, Botox, and lips filler injection. But unluckily, this rumor is still like hoax because the actress herself has never given her… Read More

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Being the youngest child in a very famous family gives the chance to end up being the same as the rest member of the family. Kylie Kristen Jenner, known as Kylie Jenner is the last girl of Kardashians. Her famous family has their own reality show called Keeping Up with the… Read More

Lizzy Grant Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lizzy Grant Plastic Surgery

Lizzy Grant plastic surgery is recently being used as headlines for many celebrity magazines. They report that she has been under knife for her lips, so it is no wonder if there a lot of people are wondering why she now looks a bit different than she used to. This American singer-songwriter who is best… Read More

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery

Lisa Rinna who is best known as television host and actress is recently shocking public especially her fans with her brave confession dealing with plastic surgery. She openly admitted that she has been under knife to enhance her appearance. however, public still wonder what kinds of surgical procedures did she have because she did not… Read More

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Photos

Not many child stars gain the same works and career when they have grown up. Many of them step out from the film industry and focusing on school, while many other keep continuing to appear on screen. Lindsay Lohan is one of the actress who active in the film industry since she was a kid… Read More

Jennifer Hudson Plastic Surgery Photos

Being fat for some girls is a nightmare. It is easy to gain weight but it is a bit hard to loose some of it. When big-bodied Jennifer Hudson successfully transform into skinnier body and loose up to 80 pounds of her weight, people get really jealous. Since many people failed to do some diet… Read More