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Nose Job

Ben Savage Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Ben Savage Nose Job

Are you one of fans of sitcom Girl Meets World? If you are so, you must have been familiar with Ben Savage. Yeah, his name lately becomes hot topic of discussion among his fans in several forums and social media. He reportedly got plastic surgery procedure due to having a different nose. Did Ben Savage… Read More

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Expert NYC

This post is inspired by one of my visitors email which was containing question about who the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons NYC is. In the email the patient told that she was not satisfied with the previous nose jobs. Therefore, she planned to have a nose revision. However, she had not found top revision rhinoplasty… Read More

John Krasinski Nose Job: Fact or Rumor?

John Krasinski Nose Job

Every woman agrees that John Krasinski is literally a perfect man. He is tall and handsome.  This American film and television star recently becomes hot topic of discussion among his fans. Some people notice that there is something changes on his face. They see that his nose seems to change to be much better defined… Read More

Jen Bunney Nose Job: Facts or Rumor

Jen Bunney Nose Job

Jen Bunney, a former of a major player on Laguna Beach or The Hills, may not be as popular as her friend, Heidi Montag. But, the way she enhances her appearance has made her become center of public attention. Moreover there was news that her effort in enhancing her appearance was inspired by Heidi Montag… Read More

Blair Fowler Nose Job Before and After

Blair Fowler Nose Job

Lately, some people are shocked by Blair Fowler statements if she has gotten plastic surgery procedure, nose job. It rarely happens that a public figure, celebrity, admitted their beauty surgery. Most of them always deny that they have had some surgical procedures done to enhance their appearance. Since Blair Fowler admitted her rhinoplasty surgery, many… Read More

Nicole Richie Nose Job Before and After

Nicole Richie Nose Job

Have you seen Nicole Richie's new appearance? Do you find something different with her appearance especially her face features, the shape of her nose? If you see something different with her nose, you are not dreaming. Many people are surprised by Nicole Richie's appearance especially with her new nose shape. Since then, they began speculate that… Read More

Jared Padalecki Nose Job Before and After

Jared Padalecki Nose Job

If you are fan of the Supernatural television series, you may have been familiar with the star of the TV series, Jared Padalecki. Yeah, his name now becomes a hot topic of discussion in social media and several talk shows on television. They do not talk about his latest film, but they are curious about the… Read More

Janet Jackson Nose Job Before and After

Janet Jackson Nose Job

Some people may already know that the Jackson family likes to make over their appearance through plastic surgery. Still fresh in our minds, how superstar Michael Jackson's enhanced his appearance via multiple plastic surgery procedures. However, we are not going to discuss about Michael Jackson plastic surgery, but we will reveal whether Janet Jackson has… Read More

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job

Priyanka Chopra nose job may be as a continuation of some plastic surgery procedures she had done before. Keep in mind that before the rumor of a rhinoplasty surgery spreading, she has been rumored to do breast augmentation , face lift, and lips filler injection. Did Priyanka Chopra really have nose job? Let's see plastic surgeons'… Read More

Sofia Vergara Nose Job: Fact or Rumor

Sofia Vergara Nose Job

Sofia Vergara never seems to stop for beautifying her appearance through plastic surgery. Previously, she was reported to have got some cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implants and botox injection around the skin of her face. And now, some people are finding that the shape of Sofia Vergara nose has apparently changed as well, not… Read More