Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The rumor of Celine Dion Plastic Surgery lately steals public attention. The woman who was born on 30 March 1968 reportedly had some beauty enhancements to keep her attractive appearance. However, the truth of the rumor is still debated by many plastic surgeons.

Did Celine Dion Have Plastic Surgery

It is not secret anymore that many Hollywood celebrities, including singers, are tempted to have plastic surgery to keep their assets, an attractive look. However, some of them seem to be afraid to share their beauty surgery experience. Many of them prefer to hide it rather than share with their fans.

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Before and After

The latest news say that songstress Celine Dion, 47 years old, has been under knife to keep and to enhance her appearance. The speculation of Celine Dion plastic surgery even begins to become a trending topic in several forums. Many people are wondering about the rumor whether she has really had some cosmetic surgery procedures done or not.

Celine Dion Plastic surgery rumors began to spread and to steal public attention since there are a lot of photos comparisons between before and after plastic surgery. From the comparison of Celine Dion images, some people noticed that there are indeed something has changed on her. What are the parts of her body that have changed? Let’s see the before and after photos below!

Celine Dion Nose Job Before and After

Celine Dion Nose Job Before and After

Judging from the comparison between Celine Dion before and after pictures, it is very clear that she seemed having different nose. If we look closely at the before pictures, her nose appears a little bit bulbous with the bump at the tip. Afterwards, let’s compare to the recent pictures of Celine Dion, her nose seems to have turned into thinner and much better defined. I suspect the change in the shape of her nose is as a result of conservative nose job. Nonetheless, I cannot define whether she has been under knife for nose job or not. I just see that Celine Dion nose has changed. That’s all.

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The other part of her body that triggers plastic surgery speculation is her eyelids which now appear to be more lifted than before. Some people consider that it is as an indication of eyelid lift surgery.

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Images

Celine Dion Plastic Surgery Images

On the other hand, if we look at her facial skin, she does not have a lot of visible wrinkles around her face. I wonder how a 47-year-old woman can have so tight and smooth face skin without aging signs if she does not have any beauty treatments done. I suspect that she may have been getting Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles from her face like what we can see from Renee Zellweger plastic surgery.

What are the responses of plastic surgeons about the speculation of Celine Dion plastic surgery? Do they agree that the winner of twelve World Music Awards and five Grammy Awards have been under knife for rhinoplasty surgery (nose job), eyelid lift and filler injection?

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden, the rumor of Celine Dion nose job seems to be true. The doctor also predict that she does not only have a nicely nose surgery, but she also looks like having a blepharoplasty surgery (eyelid lift).

On the contrary, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, well known as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California convinced that the woman, who is not only best known as a singer but also a business woman, still looks natural without any surgical procedures done. He revealed that if there was something different on her nose and face, it could be as the effect of makeup, not plastic surgery.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer is still in doubt if Celine Dion has gotten plastic surgery procedures done. Nevertheless, the surgeon believes that there is no impossible in this world including the possibility for her to get the beauty surgery. His doubts are based on her face skin which still looks awesome for her age. He predicts that she may have had filler injection like Botox because her forehead still appears very smooth compared to other 47-year-old women’s face.

Well, what is the response of Celine Dion dealing with the speculation of plastic surgery addressed to her? Did she admit it or deny all the rumors? Since his name was associated with plastic surgery, not a single word out from her mouth. She was silent and did not seem to care with the allegations of the plastic surgery addressed to her.

Over all, regardless of whether the rumors of Celine Dion cosmetic surgery are true or not, her appearance indeed still looks gorgeous and stunning even though her age is already 47 years old.  She might have gotten plastic surgery procedures done to maintain a beautiful appearance. However, it is unfair to assume if these rumors as fact because it could be for her to have beauty products and beauty treatments that we never know. However, if the rumor is in fact true, I hope that she can always maitain her ageless looks naturally. I Believe that many of her fans do not want to see the bad effect of plastic surgery on her like what we can see from Cher Plastic Surgery Photos.

So, what is your opinion about the speculation of Celine Dion Plastic Surgery? Did she really have some surgical procedures done? Feel free to share your comments here.

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