Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Many people are now talking about Charo plastic surgery. It is all because her appearance looks weird and even horrible now. Some people predict that her late appearance is the effect of bad plastic surgery. Her face indeed still looks tight and smooth, but overall her appearance looks unnatural and weird.

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Charo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Charo Plastic Surgery Procedures

Judging by before and after photos, her face looks a bit plasticized and swollen. We are afraid if she got too much filler injection so that her face can look in such way now.

Since this post has been published, there has no been any statement from the actress. She still keeps silent and never gives any comment about what people are talking about lately.

Charo Bad Plastic Surgery

The other surgical procedures which she might get is facelift. This allegation can be proven through her facial skin which does not only look smooth but it also appears so tight for a 64-year-old woman.

Instead of getting youthful look via plastic surgery, her appearance now looks weird. Looking at her current appearance makes some people speculate if Charo plastic surgery has gone wrong.

According to plastic surgeons, Charo plastic surgery is not only dealing with facial filler injection and facelift, but they predict that she could have other type of plastic surgery namely eyelid surgery, lips augmentation, and breast implants.

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The allegation of Charo eyelid surgery and lips implant can be seen on her eyes and lips area. Her eyes still remains fresh and wide opened as if she does not have any sagging skin around the eyes area. Meanwhile, her lips also looks plumper than before as if it was injected by some fillers.

Charo Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Charo Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

In addition, many plastic surgeons also believe that the veteran actress had been under knife for breast augmentation. Their allegation can be proven from Charo measurement especially her breast size which looks a bit bigger and fuller than she used to.

In short, Charo’s face skin may still remain smooth and tight, but over all her appearance now looks weird and unnatural. She may have not given any statements regarding the rumors, but based on the comparison of Charo plastic surgery before and after pictures, many people believe that she had got bad plastic surgery result. What do you think?

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