Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Is it enough to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain an ageless look on someone appearance? When we look at the supermodel, Christie Brinkley, many people have misunderstood her age. Nobody will believe if her real age is 60 years old this year. After knowing her real age, everybody will say that the secret behind her youthful appearance is plastic surgery. Some source claimed that this actress has got Botox injection or other injectable fillers. These suspicions are supported with some surgeons’ statements if the woman who received a Pet Hero Award in 2013 had done a laser treatment and eyelid surgery.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After

The woman who started her career since 1973 has face that is free from any wrinkles on her forehead. If it is compared to the other women in her age, it seems to be very impossible 60-year-old-women do not have any aging signs if they do not have any surgical procedures done like Botox or other filler injection. Brinkley skin face appears smooth and tight.

There are many people think that it could be obtained through injectable filler like chemical peeling which is combined with a skin laser treatment. so it is not wonder if the actress face skin does not have any frown lines on her forehead. Afterwards if it is seen on her eyes appearance, it does not have any excessive skin or sagging skin under and upper her eyes. It can be the as indication of eyelid surgery result. Some also notice that she still has a proper face size, does not shrink or skinny. People believe that it is as the effect of some filler injection like Juvederm or Restylane.

Since there are many rumors that have reported her to have got some cosmetic surgery procedures, how does Christie Brinkley respond to those rumors? Does she admit or on the contrary, she denies all the news? Based on some sources’ statement, the actress denies that she has been under knife to keep and enhance her appearance. She told that the secret behind her perfect look is by having a healthy life style like a vegetarian diet and regular exercise.

Christie Brinkley Before and After Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Before and After Plastic Surgery

However people can not easily accept her denial. They insist that doing a diet is not always a successful way to maintain a good body shape or youthful appearance. Many people has fallen off the track and considered that those two things, vegetarian diet and regular exercise, are worthless thing to do. Even if they are so, how a vegetarian diet and exercise can affect someone’s facial appearance?

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The acceptable reason is the combination of three things. They are vegetarian diet, regular exercise, and some skin treatments like Botox injection or skin laser treatments. if it is related to Christina’s current appearance, some people do believe that she does not only have healthy life style to keep her attractive appearance in her old age, but she could have other secret namely cosmetic surgery.

Nevertheless, it is still debatable as long as the actress has not admitted it yet. However if she really has been under knife for some surgical procedures, she had chosen the right plastic surgeon. So that in her 60-year-old-age she can still look gorgeous and wonderful, moreover she has good genes and healthy lifestyle. Many other celebrities do not get good result from their beauty enhancements because their body rejects the chemical inside them. And as we can see now, Christie Brinkley appearance looks natural, still much better than the women in her age.

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