Christy Turlington Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Being a famous public figure likely could not be separated from the rumor, especially for those whose profession as underwear models. Everything on their appearance will become public consumption, gossip and news. The recent news reports that a 44-year-old model, Christy Turlington, who is best known as Calvin Klein’s model, has got plastic surgery procedures to keep her sexy and amazing appearance. This suspicion began when some noticed that in her 44 years old age, she still looks gorgeous and attractive. Her body is still slim without any excessive fat and her face is always fresh for her real age.

Did Christy Turlington Have Plastic Surgery?

Christy Turlington Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christy Turlington Plastic Surgery Before and After

If it is seen based on before and after pictures comparison, she indeed has some changes on her face features, nose. Christy’s nose shape previously was bigger and had wider bridge, but now it seems to be thinner with refined tip. A rhinoplasty surgery could be the main cause why her nose shape can change in such way. However the proof from before and after photos can not be used as a reliable evidence to prove Christy Turlington cosmetic surgery. The model herself has stated that she is against any plastic surgeries. Lying under the doctor’s knife will only make her a freak. She has her own way to keep the parts of her body.

What she has told may be true because Turlington herself is best known as yoga fans. She even ever wrote a book about it, ‘Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice’. In her book, she told that her current appearance is the result of being healthy and exercise. Therefore she ensured that what people accuse to her is absolutely hoax.

Christy Turlington Nose Job Before and After

Christy Turlington Nose Job Before and After

In 2010, she found Every Mother Counts (EMC) charity. She is aware of the high maternal death, especially in third countries. She raises money to support a safe pregnancy and childbirth. She produced a limited EMC t-shirt to get the fund. She also released a compilation album for Starbucks in 2011 and 2012 which some of the fund has given to support EMC.

The wife of Edward Burns made two documentary films which titled as No Woman, No Cry and Every Mile, Every Mother. This is also a supporting form to EMC. Christy also an anti-smoking activist since her father died from lung cancer. So, how does such a humanitarian woman still have time to think about her nose? She had been working as model since 1987, so it must be known how to get a perfect look without change some part of her face permanently. With a good lighting and make up, she can look beautiful instantly. And do not underestimate the power of photo editor nowadays.

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