Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

There are many people consider that Coco Austin is one of the actresses whose obsession to be look like high class celebrity. Therefore, she seems to do everything even though she has to take the extreme and risk way, plastic surgery procedures. Yeah,  she reportedly has got some works done to fulfill her obsession to look gorgeous and glamor. However,  the truth of Coco Austin Plastic Surgery rumor is still debatable.

Coco Austin Breast Implants Before and After

Coco Austin Breast Implants Before and After

Did Coco Austin Have Plastic Surgery?

When the actress was confirmed by some of her fans, she proudly admitted if she had been under knife to make her appearance always look attractive though her age is no longer young. Nevertheless she did not tell what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures that she had got. As result, the rumor is still floating and becomes the hottest topic of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers and her fans in various online forum.

Judging by before and after pictures, the wife of rapper and actor, Ice-T indeed has some distinctive changes on her appearance. If we look detail at her pictures comparison between she was young and the recent one, she apparently had changes on the parts of her body especially on her breast size and butt shape. Do they look like the result of implants? Let’s see one by one.

Coco Austin Boob Job (Breast Implants)

The firs plastic surgery allegation is focused on the size of her breasts. Coco Austin breast size now looks much bigger than she used to, therefore some people do believe if the model has been under knife for breast implants. They compare her current cup size with the old ones, they look so different. Her old bust size does not look as big as she has now. Even some celebrity viewers predict that her current breast size is about 39DD. How big cup size it is.

Coco Austin But Implants Before and After Pictures

Coco Austin But Implants Before and After Pictures

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery: Butt Implants

The other spotlighted area that was suspected as the result of cosmetic surgery is on her butt. Coco Austin’s Butt also looks bigger and bigger as if she has great project for both of her assets. Some people predict that she did not only have boob job, but she apparently had got butt implants to make her appearance look sexier than before.

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Even some sources claim that she had spent much money for breast and butt implants as it was done by Sara Jean Underwood. She reportedly spent a lot of money for her surgical procedures. What Coco did seems to be reasonable because she is best known for her high obsession to look glamor and a high class woman.

When she was questioned by some celebrity magazine volunteers, she strongly denied if her butt size was the product of butt implants. She ensured that it was natural and there was not implant there. Nevertheless many people strongly believe if the model could have cosmetic surgery procedures for the change on her cup size and butt. They predict that what she had done is all for her career as a professional and sexy model. They add that she apparently does not want to loose her career in modelling.

Over all, Coco Austin plastic surgery has changed her a lot. She now looks sexier with so big breast and butt size. Even though her cup size looks like too big for her body frame, but the former star of R-rated films feels very comfortable with her recent appearance.

  • Kellie

    Coco was gorgeous before the surgeries. She looks ridiculous now. That huge ass and huge boobs look terrible. She accomplished what she wanted, she looks like a black girl with white skin and blonde hair……who strips and pole dances for a living while standing on the street corner for extra cash.

    • Mayra Gonzalez

      Kellie you shouldn’t judge people coco looks beautiful and sexy ,you wish you had Coco’s body

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