Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dana Bash plastic surgery proves that beauty surgery is not always dominated by celebrities and models, but journalists also have possibilities to get some cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance like what was done by American journalist, Dana Bash.

A brief preview of Dana Bash biography. She is an anchorwoman for Cable News Network (CNN). In 2004, she was honored by Elle Magazine as “Women in Washington Power List”. Being an anchorwoman seems demand her to appear as attractive as possible.  But unfortunately, some people think that her beautiful appearance is not natural because she maintains her beauty and manages the aging signs through plastic surgery procedures instead of natural beauty treatments.

Did Dana Bash Have Plastic Surgery?

Born on 15th June 1971 Dana Ruth Schwartz indeed still looks gorgeous than other women in her age. At her 43 years old, her face skin still appears tight, smooth, and free from wrinkles. It is almost contrast to other women in her age that have shown some frown lines on their face.

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dana Bash Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, some plastic surgeons predict that the 43-year-old news anchor woman has been under knife for facelift which is combined with Botox injection. Their allegation is based on her unnatural face skin.

As we know that facelift surgery and facial filler injection are the two of cosmetic surgery procedures which are more often taken by 40-year-old actresses whose aging problems. They take both of them to get rid of the aging signs.

After having got facelift and Botox injection, her appearance now looks 10 years younger than other women in her age. Looking at her amazing appearance makes some people believe that Dana Bash plastic surgery  was done very well by her plastic surgeon.

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Dana Bash Facelift Before and After

Dana Bash Facelift Before and After

The other sign of her beauty surgery is how her eyes appear. At 43 years old, her eyes still look fresh, awake, and free from excessive skin upper and under the eyelids. It indicates that she did not only have plastic surgery face, but it is possible for her to get an eyelid surgery.

With an ageless face skin and awake eyes, Dana Bash probably becomes one of the most beautiful journalists at her age. Her appearance does not look like as a 43-year-old woman, but she still looks like a 33-year-old woman.

What do you think of Dana Bash’s youthful look? Does she look like having plastic surgery for her ageless appearance?

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