Did Christina El Moussa undergo plastic Surgery?

Know About Christina El Moussa?

Christina El Moussa landed a role on HGTV show Flip or Flop when a demo of her and her husband was submitted to HGTV. That signaled the beginning of her rise to fame.

The chemistry of Christina and her husband Tarek El Moussa was the main reason for the success of the show. Together, they have successfully flipped several houses on the show and the show brought a lot of fame and cash as well.

Did you think Christina El Moussa had Plastic Surgery?

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery

Christina El Moussa is one of the rising stars in reality TV. At age 33, she has amazing looks and a sharp business acumen which has helped her capture the hearts of many fans. She has been a hot topic for a while by her plastic surgery changes. In addition to flipping houses, she has been flipping a lot of men unknowingly with her beauty but one has to ask, has she done any surgical procedure?

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Christina El Moussa  Boob Job

Christina El Moussa Boob Job

Christina El Moussa Boob Job

Christina El Moussa Boob Job

Christina El Moussa Boob Job

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To say the least, Christina El Moussa’s breasts are big and sexy and they kill me anytime I stumble on her pictures on the internet. Her breasts are significantly larger than they were some time ago and although some of her fans think they grew naturally, I beg to differ. The period of time which saw the boobs grow was quite too short and the breasts look rounder, lifted and really sexy. She hasn’t come out to accept or deny the allegations but I believe that with the Christina El Moussa’s before and after looks comparison we have, something was definitely done.

Christina El Moussa and Botox

Christina El Moussa Botox Injection

Christina El Moussa is still young but for a 33 year old not to have a single trace of smile lines or wrinkles tells us by seeing her pictures of now and before. Amazingly, we could see some her smile lines from her younger pictures yet absent in her more recent pictures. Many celebrities have used Botox injection to maintain their youthful outlook and from the look of things, Christina probably had some procedure done. With or without the cosmetic procedures, she is a true beauty queen.

No Sign of Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery

There is barely any noticeable sign that Christina has undergone surgery. Her old and recent pictures are somewhat consistent and signs of surgical alterations are invisible.

Her nose might not be the sharpest but it looks the same and nice on her face. Her cheeks don’t look lifted, smile looks natural, jaw line, same as before, she’s probably too young for necklines and her very pronounced eyebrows seem naturally fitted.

All we observe is that Christina does look a little more motherly than she was several years back, but that is expected because motherhood should be catching up with her. All her plastic surgery speculations are just speculations as we have compared images of now and before and can say that all rumors can be disregarded.

More About Christina El-Moussa Personal Life:

Christina El-Moussa and her Husband Tarek are real estate agents who buy and sell properties showing all the ups and downs of the process on their show ‘Flip Or Flop’. Watch the clip how they took decision to host the show ‘Flip Or Flop’.

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Check out Christina El-Moussa Plastic Surgery before and after Pictures below:

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