Did Dove Cameron Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery pic1

Did Dove Cameron had a Plastic Surgery?

ve Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Lots of plastic surgery speculations have been hovering over upcoming Hollywood star; Dove Cameron. Similar to other youngsters that came before her, her career was naturally headed towards stardom. Several observers have stated that there is a very high probability that she would follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus in their alleged surgical enhancements.

Dove is a singer and an actress, popular for her role in the teen sitcom Liv and Maddie. She had her breakthrough in 2012 with Bits and Pieces. She has starred in some Disney movies as well such as Descendants and cloud 9 amongst others. In music, she had her big break in 2014 when her single “Count Me In” hit the top spot on the Billboard Kids Digital Songs Chart.

Dove just 18, yet she has had some surgical procedures. She started in her mid teens and as succeeded in drastically changing the shape of her nose.

Dove Cameron Nose Job

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron Nose Job

Dove Cameron Nose Job

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Dove Cameron nose job

Dove Cameron nose job


Celebrities are quite regular with nose job procedures. It is one of the most common, even though it is one of the most risky procedures. Any error on a nose job will leave the nose looking like an artificial peg placed right in the middle of the face. The bad thing is that it is almost impossible to correct so if it must be one, it must be done right the first time. Remember Michael Jackson? That’s a case study. Note that it is almost certain that a corrective surgery for a bad nose job will almost certainly come out as unsuccessful.

The obsession for small noses with sharper tips amongst Americans is growing by the day. Some people even want to do procedures to help them get rid of the bump on the nose bridge while some others just want a smaller nose. It is this desire that prompts them to spend huge sums of money to go under a knife. The recovery is not even quick, it takes time but celebrities don’t mind. Well, do you think Dove Cameron has undergone nose job?

Comparing before and after pictures of Dove Cameron, you’ll notice that there is a significant difference in the shape of the nose. Some people are of the opinion that the changes are as a result of puberty which might be true but at some point, we have to doubt if puberty can have that much effect on a person’s nose.

The tip of her nose which used to be thicker with a bulbous tip is now smaller with a sharper tip. Dove recent pictures have an unnatural appearance around the nose region and there is a droop which is absent in her older pictures. The probability that Dove has done rhinoplasty cannot be rule out.

For the kids reading this, wait until you are 18 before deciding to do a nose job. At this age, the nose will have finished going through the changes that come with puberty and would have settled. If a nose job is done before 18, it will be almost certain that adjustments will be needed in the future which may or may not be successful.

Check the Pictures of Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic surgery.

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