Did Jonathan Cheban undergone plastic surgery?

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Jonathan Cheban plastic surgery

Jonathan Cheban – Kim Kardashian’s BFF – threw fans into frenzy as he appeared in the CBB House Tonight looking completely transformed. The celebrity was cautious about giving out much information concerning Kim; he just had his fun with Emma Willis on the catwalk. He however stated that she had no idea who he’ll be joining eventhough she know he’s heading in.

Jonathan Cheban is an established businessman, a socialite with close ties with Kim Kardashian, he is also the former CEO of Command PR, a public relations agency as well as the founder of TheDishh.com.

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He appeared in Celebrity Big Brother on January 5, 2016 which raised a lot of plastic surgery questions as to why he looked so differently after his appearance on TV recently. Different professionals have been asked about what they think about the facial changes of Jonathan one of them categorically stated that there was a high possibility that Jonathan Cheban had done some cosmetic surgery. He pointed out to the shape of the nose that looked different; as though rhinoplasty procedure had been done. The bridge of the nose appeared to be narrower while the tip looked sharper.

His face also looked like it had been put through a facelift procedure because it looked tightened and while the ear doesn’t look much different, it also looked like he did a little something there.

Jonathan Cheban Nose job

jonathan cheban plastic surgery

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You will observe some changes if you consider what his nose looked like before and how it looks now. Those changes are the changes usually noticed when a rhinoplasty procedure has been done. The nose bridge looks narrower than it did before, and the tip of the nose, looking sharper than it was which can only have one meaning: an artificial procedure had been done.

Jonathan Cheban And Dermal Fillers

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His cheeks also seemed lifted and a livelier appearance has been given to his appearance. This is probably a result of cheek lifts or dermal fillers such as botox.

More reasons to support the assumption is that he is 41 years of age, yet he doesn’t have any visible wrinkle on his forehead even while he smiles. For a man his age, his forehead is just too smooth.


Jonathan Cheban 2

There is also a possibility that Jonathan Cheban has undergone pinnaplasty so as to change the projection of his ears. The shape of the ear we saw recently is quite different from what we used to see.

Jonathan might have done plastic surgery to look younger after all, he is in an industry where looks have a great impact on how you sustain the charm you have on your audience. His close friends say he didn’t do any cosmetic procedure and he has not responded to any of the rumors that link him with cosmetic surgery; however, we must note that it wouldn’t be a big deal if with all the cash he has, decides to improve his looks.

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