Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It is so natural that as human beings always will never feel satisfied enough to what they have got. They will do something more and more to fulfill their passion. The same thing apparently happens to senior actress, Elizabeth McGovern.

Being active in film industry since 1979 has made her famous. She has been staring many movies and television series, and then she has been absolutely nominated for many award categories. With all her glorious career, she likely still wants something more.

She seems to dream to have youthful appearance in the age of 53. For those who pay attention to her career and life will guess that this senior actress has possibly got plastic surgery procedures to keep her youthful and gorgeous appearance. It is very unusual for 50-year-old-women not to have some aging signs on their face if they do not have some works done. And what we see on Elizabeth’s face appearance, it really reflects some surgical procedure results.

Did Elizabeth McGovern Have Plastic Surgery?

Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elizabeth McGovern Plastic Surgery Before and After

Since this rumor has become a hot topic discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers, there have not been any official clarifications from the actress. She just keeps silent with the rumor. Nevertheless people who pay attention her career and appearance time by time do believe if she has got some cosmetic surgery procedures to refine the parts of her body which has started showing some aging signs there. Public suspicions are based on the unusual look on her forehead, lips, and eyes.

Comparing before and after photos, there are many  differences spotted, like her wrinkles and forehead lines that have gone. looking at her current face skin, public believe it must be the effect of facelift combined with dermal injection like Botox. as the result, her skin looks so tight and smooth even though it apparently does not suit to her age. as an old woman, her face should have a sagging skin under her lower eyes, but they all are not visible. An eye lift is also suspected behind the secret of this.

Elizabeth McGovern Before and After Photos

Elizabeth McGovern Before and After Photos

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Nevertheless there have been signs referring to the result of cosmetic surgery on her appearance, but a few people could not believe if she really has taken those beauty enhancements. Elizabeth McGovern plastic surgery seems like a stain in her talented career. Maybe her main role as Cora the Countess of Grantham in Downtown Abbey has affected her to keep a fresh look. And to achieve it she decided to see the plastic surgeon. If this reason was true, they really regret to what she had decided because she may forget that a character in a movie can not live forever.

The most interesting thing is that the actress has not confirm any public’s suspicions but she frankly declared that she was against a plastic surgery and questioning why many people had to do such a thing to her.

Well, that was a long time ago, people can change do to changing time and environment. Maybe she really needs a surgery to help her keep exist in the industry. As we know that the longer someone works there, they will get attached and hard to let go or escape.

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