Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Elizabeth Mitchell plastic surgery triggers pros and cons among her fans. Some source claim that she has got some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep her wonderful appearance, however some of her fans argue that her appearance is still natural without any surgical procedures done.

The controversy is not only dealing with whether she has really been under knife or not, but it is also regarding to the results whether she looks good or not after getting some surgery procedures done on her appearance.

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Elizabeth Mitchell Have Plastic Surgery?

This woman, who got the fame through her role as Dr. Juliet Burke on the ABC TV series Lost, really looks wonderful though her age has reached 44 years old. It is very unusual for 40 years old women to have such beautiful appearance with no aging signs if they do not have some cosmetic surgery procedures done on their face and other parts of their body.

Elizabeth Mitchell may not be the only 40 years old actresses who reportedly got some works done to keep their stunning and attractive appearance. Let’s see how Robin Tunney treated her beauty through plastic surgery, and  how well does she look after getting the surgery procedures done. She looks great with flawless appearance.

Meanwhile, how does Kelly Ripa look after being under plastic surgeon’s knife? She really looks amazing after getting Botox injection, breast implants, and liposuction. Both of those actresses apparently toke a lot of advantages from their plastic surgery procedures, as well as Elizabeth Mitchell. She really looks beautiful and attractive though her age is no longer young, 44 years old. Well, if she really has been under knife, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have? Here are the possible answers. Check them out.

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

The first plastic surgery allegation is focused on her nose shape which looks thinner with more pointed at the tip. Whereas, her nose previously looked a little bit bulbous and wide. Looking at her new nose shape, some people predict that the actress could have got a rhinoplasty surgery. It is almost impossible for her and other women to change their piggy nose shape in very short time, moreover their age is not young anymore. Therefore some people strongly believe if Elizabeth Mitchell Nose Job rumor is in fact true.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Nose Job Before and After

Elizabeth Mitchell Nose Job Before and After

Let’s take a look in detail on Mitchell’s nose shape. It looks slimmer while her nasal bridge also looks a bit cramped with more pointed at the tip. The nostril also looks narrowed that makes her nose shape look fit to her face features.

According to Dr. Paul Nassif, Celebrity plastic surgeon. Elizabeth Mitchel’s nose looks so small and unnaturally straight. The surgeon explained that such nose shape is only able to be made through a rhinoplasty surgery. He added that it might be possible for young women to have such nose change naturally, but it was almost different for Elizabeth’s nose. She was impossible to have naturally nose shape change in her old age if she did not have any plastic surgery procedure, nose job, done on her nose.

Over all, the star of biographical HBO film, Gia, may still stay mum, but based on the comparison between before and after pictures, some people do believe that the rumor of Elizabeth Mitchell plastic surgery is truly fact.

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