Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Elsa Pataky, 38 years old, indeed looks perfect. She does not seem to have some aging signs on her face, it still looks flawless. Looking at her stunning appearance, then compared to other women in her age makes some people wonder how she can keep her beauty though her age is no longer young. Some people predict that the actress has got plastic surgery to maintain her youthful and fresh look. However the truth of this rumor is still debatable because the actress has not released any official statements regarding to the rumor.

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Elsa Pataky Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by before and after picture, it seems that there is slightly changing on her appearance. Therefore many people doubted if Elsa Pataky’s appearance is natural. They think that her appearance is the product of plastic surgery. Well, if she was really under knife, what kind of surgery procedures did she get?

Elsa Pataky Nose Job

The first spot that was suspected as the result of cosmetic surgery is on her nose shape. Some predict that Elsa might get nose job to reshape or refine her nose shape. As we know that her nose shape previously looked piggy with so wide and big especially at the cartilage area. But it now has changed to be much better than before. Pataky’s nose now looks thinner with more pointed at the tip. Overall, Elsa Pataky’s nose looks well reshaped nd  defined. The nasal cartilage getting cramped with pointer and higher nasal tip too.

Elsa Pataky Nose Job Before and After

Elsa Pataky Nose Job Before and After

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery: Liposuction

The other spot that leads many people suspension is on her stomach, arms, and thigh area. All of the parts of her body look slimmer than before.  Moreover she has just been blessed with three cute children. It makes some people more believe if she indeed has been under knife for liposuction to eliminate the excessive fat there. Moreover she has just given born to the third child in which some women will need long time to bring back their ideal weight. But what we see on her appearance, she looks slimmer in very short time. Therefore many people believe if Elsa Pataky plastic surgery rumor is in fact true.

In short, the star of Fast & Furious 6 may keep her cosmetic surgery procedures, but before and after pictures have shown plastic surgery procedures done on her appearance. Nevertheless we really appreciate it because she can still look awesome though she has been under knife. It is almost different to what has been experienced by Delta Burke and Maria Shriver. Both of them reportedly got unnatural appearance after getting plastic surgery procedures done on their appearance.

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