Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Having a facial disfiguring disease could be a nightmare for some woman. It will let them down and makes them feel insecure and inferior. They will do anything to fix it to become normal like any other woman moreover women’s nature is to look beautiful.

The Bachelorette star, Emily Maynard, is one of those women who reportedly got plastic surgery to improve her appearance and to increase her self confidence. Having a Bell’s palsy when she was a teenager has paralyzed half of her face for months and become bullied victim by her school’s friends. The big question is what kinds of surgery procedures did she have?

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before and After

Emily Maynard cosmetic surgery suspicions are pointed to her nose and cup size. Both of them have changed a lot during her career as a star of The Bachelorette. Some source claimed that she has got breast implants to add the volume of her bust. As the result, her cup size now looks bigger and fuller than she used to.

On the other hand, if we look at her nose shape, it has also changed to be thinner with more pointed at the tip. It has to be remembered that Emily previously had bit wide and bulbous nose shape. After getting corrected through a rhinoplasty surgery, her nose now looks much better than before. In addition, some people do not believe if the star only got nose job and boob job, but they predict that she possibly got Botox injection as well. Their suspicions are based on the appearance of her face skin which looks so smooth and tight as if it is very hard to find any frown lines there.

Emily Maynard Nose Job Before and After

Emily Maynard Nose Job Before and After

However, when the star of The Bachelorette was asked to make official clarification dealing with her plastic surgery rumor, she strongly denied that the changes on her appearance were the effect of surgery procedures. The star convinced that the change on her cup size was caused because she was pregnant, so that her breast size looked bigger and fuller. What about her nose and smooth face skin? She did not tell clearly whether she had got nose job and Botox injection to both of her face features. Emily just stayed mum with the rumor.

Over all, having a bad experience with her face maybe still haunts the diva. She is afraid if she will be bullied again for her looks. That is why she needs to take care of it. If she has not given any official statement about her surgery allegation especially her rhinoplasty surgery and filler injection on her face, it is her right. She might intentionally hide all her cosmetic surgery procedures because she did not want her personal life to be public consumption. However, it has to be noted that plastic surgery facts will never tell lie.

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