Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery is lately being the most talked topic in Asia. He reportedly got some cosmetic surgery procedures to improve his appearance. But unfortunately, instead of having masculine appearance, this man even turns into beautiful and sweet male.

Korean idol appearance is sometimes like anomaly for us. The man looks prettier and cuter than the girls. They have smooth facial skin, slim body figure, tender skin, and amazing hair. Eunhyuk whose real name is Lee Hyuk-jae is also experienced the same thing too. Instead of masculine, he even looks pretty and cute recently.

Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Eunhyuk Have Plastic Surgery?

We know that Eunhyuk is the main dancer of the K-pop mega boy band Super Junior. Since he looks so different than he used to, some people wonder if he has been under knife so that his appearance can look in such way.

Although some people have believed if he had got some cosmetic surgery procedures, but some are still wondering about what kind of surgical procedures that he had got. It is all because there has been no confirmation from the actor. He still stays mum about this rumor. Well, in order to make clear the rumor, here are some plastic surgery procedures that he might get. However it must be noted that the review below is based on the comparison between before and after pictures. So everything can be right and wrong.

Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

Since Eunhyuk’s before and after picture uploaded on internet and being discussed by a lot of celebrity viewers in South Korean, it seems that this Korean idol has got something new on his nose. See…! how does his teenager nose shape look? his teen nose looks flatted and bulbous. But in few years later, it has turned into thinner with more pointed at the tip. Looking at his nose shape change, some people predict that he might get a rhinoplasty surgery so that his nose now looks perfect and much well defined than before.

Eunhyuk Nose Job Before and After

Eunhyuk Nose Job Before and After

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Nevertheless Eunhyuk is not the only South Korean actor who reportedly got nose job. There are many acors from South Korea are also reported to have a rhinoplasty surgery to make their nose shape better. Let’s take a look at Jang Geun Suk nose shape after being under knife. His nose looks thinner with more pointed at the tip and much well defined.

Eunhyuk Plastic Surgery: Lips Filler Injection

Beside nose job, this 28 years old actor also reportedly got lip augmentation. It is very rare for Korean actor to get lips filler injection. But, if we look at the pictures comparison, it seems to be a fact if he has really got lips enhancement.

Eunhyuk lip augmentation can be seen through his lips shape which now looks a bit plumped and smaller. Whereas, his previously lips looks thin and wide. The use of filler injection on his lips gives him the pouty lips which is considered as the main factor why his appearance now looks a little feminine.

Over all, the former star of I AM. film may still keep the secret of why his appearance now looks so different than he used to. However, judging by before and after photos, some people strongly believe if Eunhyuk plastic surgery rumor is in fact true.

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