Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Fan Bingbing plastic surgery recently becomes the most talked topic among celebrity viewers. People are talking about it since there are many before and after pictures uploaded on internet that show her different appearance than other women’s appearance in her age. In her 33-years-old-age she still looks wonderful and attractive. There is no aging signs there, whereas some women in her age has shown some wrinkles on their face.

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Fan Bingbing Have Plastic Surgery?

This 33 years old Chinese actress has conquered Hollywood. Even She has been topped as 100 influence of Chinese celebrities. The actress who plays character Blink (Clarice Ferguson) in the 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past, now becomes the object of plastic surgery rumor. She reportedly may get the beauty enhancement for her attractive appearance in 33 years old age.

Well, if Fan Bingbing has really been under knife, the big question often appears in our mind is what kind of surgical procedures that she had got, and how well does she look after getting some cosmetic surgery procedures done. Let’s see one by one. However it has to be noted that Fan Bingbing plastic surgery reviews below are based on before and after photos, so everything can happen.

Fan Bingbing Before and After Plastic Surgery

Fan Bingbing Before and After Plastic Surgery

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

The first surgical procedure that was addressed to her is double eyelid surgery. It can be proven through her recent eyes shape which looks a bit wide opened and fresher than before. It is almost impossible for other Chinese women  to have such wide eyes if they do not have some works done on their eyes.

Looking at Fan Bingbing eyes appearance makes some people do believe if she really has got Blepharoplasty surgery, so her eyes appear a bit wide opened larger than she used to. The double eyelid surgery makes her eyes look wonderful with no more squinted as you see at first time.

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Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

The other cosmetic surgery that she might get is dealing with her nose shape which looks much well defined than she used to. Her nose now looks thinner with pinched at the tip. Looking at Bingbing’s nose shape, we believe that she could have got nose job. Her recent nose shape looks so different with her old nose which looks bulbous and piggy. Overall, the rhinoplasty surgery has worked well on her so she can look like a western woman than Chinese today.

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery: Chin Implant

The actress also may get chin implant. This allegation is based on her face that looks a bit oval than before.  It has to be noted that her face previously looks bit rounded with short chin. But what we see now, it looks longer and narrowed that makes her face shape looks more oval.

In short, the former star of My Fair Princess television series may still keep silent regarding to the spreading rumor. However looking at her current appearance, some people strongly believe if Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery rumor is in fact true.

  • YC

    I’m Chinese and I can tell you that my whole family has very large, round eyes with very full double eyelids…and we have not had any surgery done. So your earlier statement above that it’s almost impossible for asian women to have large eyes is grossly inaccurate. Note: there are about 55 ethnics in China alone so what is impossible is that there is absolutely no variation in such a large country. Please do not generalize.

    • tiffany

      Yes – I agree. There is so much variety in every nationality including Chinese, and also a person’s looks can naturally change over time with age especially nose and face shape because the cartilage grows after the teen years. and the fatty tissues redistribute.

      It’s not impossible for Asians to have this type of eyes! How ridiculous.

  • KY

    Well, I am Chinese and my whole family have big and round eyes so your statement about Chinese people having big and round eyes naturally is almost impossible, is really offensive and stereotyped. I am really sure that there are a lot of Chinese people out there who have big eyes. Please don’t stereotype us. This is freaking racisme.
    And about Fan Bingbing’s PS, make up can make a really big difference.

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