Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Paris: Boob Job

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery lately becomes hot topic of discussion in several forums. She reportedly got some surgery procedures done since she looked a little bit different than she used to.

The rumor of Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery began spreading when some people saw her in the Bahamas with amazing figure in a bikini. People who saw the difference in her appearance started to guess that the rumors that she went to a Paris clinic were true. Yeah, she had previously been reported to go to the clinic for breast implants. However, is true that the change in her appearance is as a result of boob job? Let’s see the following reviews!

Gisele Bundchen Boob Job Before and After

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Boob Job

The 35-year-old Brazilian fashion model Gisele Bundchen is claimed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, her perfect look seems to be tarnished by a rumor of plastic surgery. Some celebrity watchers believe that the wife of Tom Brady has been under knife for boob job (breast implants or breast augmentation). Their allegations are based on Gisele Bundchen boobs size which now appears bigger and fuller than she used to.

Since the rumors of Gisele Burden plastic surgery spread and become the talk of many people, many people are now beginning to compare the before and after photos. Shocked, they see that the size of her breasts does look much bigger than it used to.

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

According to International Business Time, she at least has spent $11,000 for breast implants and eyelid surgery. Gisele Bundchen breast implants was speculated to be done sooner after she resigned from the runway.

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What is the response of Bundchen regarding the speculation plastic surgery addressed to her? Did she admit or even deny like many Hollywood celebrities did?

The former star of Taxi film has not given any statement to the rumors about her boobs. On the contrary, she is busy to promote her latest book which tells about her 20-year career in the fashion industry.

Breast augmentation surgery (boob job or breast implants) itself is not something new for Hollywood celebrities. Many of them are also reported to have a succesful boob job. Who are they? see our previous post “Celebrities with Breast Implants“.

In short, the truth of Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery, boob job, may still be debatable among the fans and celebrity watchers. But, judging from before and after pictures, Gisele boobs indeed look much different. Personally, I believe that it is as the result of breast implants or breast augmentation surgery.

What do you think of Gisele Bundchen Boobs? Did she likely have breast implants? Feel free to share it if you find something interesting in it! Do not ever be shy to give your comments here!

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