Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After Pictures

Many people are recently talking about the possibility for Halle Berry Miss World to get plastic surgery. There are a lot of people see that her appearance especially the nose looks much different than before. They predict that she seems to have had a nose job done because her nose now looks more projected.

Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After

Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After

Did Halle Berry Have Nose Job?

For the fans, Halle Berry nose looks different because of makeup, not the result of rhinoplasty. However, what her fans claimed seems to be very contrast to the fact.

Judging from the comparison between Halle Berry before and after photos, her nose indeed looks different. If we see closely at “before” pictures, it is very clear that her nose looks a little bit wide with a more bulbous tip. However, it now has turned into slimmer with much better defined at the tip as what we can see at “after” photos.

According to some plastic surgeons, Halle Berry nose indeed looks like projected through plastic surgery. They ensure that if the change was caused by makeup, it would not change permanently. But in fact, the change on her nose is permanent.

Halle Berry Nose Job Photos

Halle Berry Nose Job Photos

It is a fact and cannot be deniable anymore that nose job in America becomes one of plastic surgery procedures which is most often taken by American celebrity. One of the famous American actors who is also rumored having benefited from nose job is Ben Savage. He reportedly had undergone a rhinoplasty surgery to reshape his nose.

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The other star who reportedly had this cosmetic surgery procedure is Selena Gomez. Besides nose job, she was reported having had a boob job done as well. Actually, there are still many other celebrities with nose job that may be able to make you sure that this beauty procedure becomes a new trend among Hollywood celebrities.

Did Halle Berry admit having nose job? Like many other actresses who always denied their beauty surgery, she also neither admitted nor denied the speculation. She always keeps silent whenever some journalists trying to interview her.

Do you believe that Halle Berry has really had a nose job done? Feel free to share your comments here!

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