Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery: Facelift and Botox

Plastic surgery apparently is not always dominated by celebrities now. The recent rumor says if a politician, Hillary Clinton, has had plastic surgery procedures so that her appearance can always look as attractive as she was a young. However, the type of Hillary Clinton plastic surgery is still being debated among celebrity plastic surgery experts.

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Hillary Clinton herself is best known as a good and successful American politician. Her name began popular after being Bill Clinton’s wife and becomes more popular since she became one of the candidate U.S presidents. But unfortunately, she was not successful in general election.

Born on October 26th, 1947, Hillary’s appearance still looks wonderful for a 66-year-old woman. Her face does not show a lot of aging signs, but it still looks tight and smooth. Looking at her face appearance, some people predict that the politician could have multiple beauty surgeries such as facelift, Botox injection, eyelid surgery, injectable filler like Restylane, neck lift, chemical peel, and skin laser treatments.

The sign of Hillary Clinton facelift can be seen on her face skin which looks so tight as if she does not have any sagging skin around the face area. Whereas, other women in her age generally have some dropping skin as the natural process of aging. Besides appearing tight, her face skin also looks so smooth. It indicates that she potentially got facial filler injection like Botox.

Hillary Clinton Before and After Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton Before and After Plastic Surgery

There are many people think that Hillary Clinton plastic surgery is well done by her plastic surgeon so that she still looks fresh and always young though her age is no longer young. Facelift and Botox injection apparently have successfully rejuvenated her face skin.

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Besides facelift and Botox injection, Hillary also reportedly got skin laser treatment to make her plastic surgery look perfect. This allegation can be seen from her face skin which always looks fresh and attractive for a 66-year-old lady. As we know that the use of skin laser treatment can get rid of the dead cells on her face.

Judging by the before and after photos, some people also believe if the wife of former of U.S president has had blepharoplasty surgery and neck lift. Public allegation is based on how her eyes and neck skin appear. Hillary’s eyes still looks fresh, wide opened, and awake as if it is hard to see the excessive skin around the eyelids area. While the allegation of neck lift can be seen on her neck skin which still looks as tight as her face skin. She does not have any wrinkles around the neck area.

In short, though she has not stated anything regarding plastic surgery rumor, but looking at her youthful appearance makes some people do believe if she had really been under knife. Fortunately, all of her surgical procedures were all well done by her plastic surgeons so that her appearance can still look good.

  • John Baldwin MD, FACS, Board Certified Cardio/Thoracic Surgery

    Your Before and After pictures are inappropriate, as they a. do not show much change and b. ALL “Before” pictures are AFTER many procedures done in the months and years before and do not show the dramatic changes. Go back 8 years and Google up REAL pictures in which she LOOKS aged and wrinkled. Finally, Botox is NOT a “facial filler” as stated at the end of paragraph three. This article could have been documented better, pictured far better and written with greater accuracy. One thing for sure, she has had superb technical work, no facial nerve injury (as Greta Van Sustern had) and all rooster neck and crow’s feet gone. Pretty amazing that whoever did this has kept his name very anonymous.

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