Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery is lately being hot topic of discussion among her fans. She reportedly looks so different after being under knife. They think that her current appearance is almost unrecognizable. Her face has changed a lots and she does not look as pretty as she was young. What happens to her?

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Hunter Tylo Get Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

Hunter Tylo, 52 years old, is believed to have several plastic surgery procedures so that her appearance now looks different than she used to. Well, if Hunter really has been under knife, some people are wondering what kind of surgical procedures that she might get so that her appearance can look in such way.

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery: Filler Injection

The first plastic surgery sign that is found on her appearance is the possibilities of the use facial filler injection like Restylane and Juvederm. Look at her cheek that looks a bit plump and also swollen. Such cheek appearance may be the result of too much filler injection.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, the actress definitely got injectable filler on her cheek area. Unfortunately, what she had done seems to be overdone so the result looks a bit weird. The surgeon ensured that fat injection into the cheek is actually aimed to make the cheeks look high and full. But what we see on Hunter Tylo’s appearance, she likely went overboard with her facial filler injection. Consequently her appearance looks unnatural and even weird as we can see now.

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery: Lip Enhancement

The most spotlighted and obviously indicates plastic surgery procedure is her lips appearance. Looking at her current lips makes some people believe if the actress likely got too much lips filler injection as it was done by Frances Bean Cobain. It has to be noted that Hunter Tylo’s lips previously looked very thin, but it now looks so plumped. Her lip also looks so thick with bigger shape and pouted looks. There are many plastic surgeon predict that she might get too much collagen injected on her lips so that it looks unnaturally plumped.

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Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery: Botox Injection

The other cosmetic surgery procedure sign that is visible on her appearance is on her face skin which looks so smooth and flawless. However she apparently has got too much Botox injection so that her face skin looks frozen.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn,  Hunter Tylo definitely got too much facial filler injection. The surgeon ensured by showing her current face skin that appears almost flawless and wrinkles free. Nevertheless the doctor think that she might get flawless face skin, but her face is unable to have expression lines because it looks frozen.

When she was confirmed whether her different appearance was caused by plastic surgery procedures or not, Hunter Tylo openly admitted and regretted that she had gone too far with her surgery procedures, so that her appearance does not look better, but it even looks weird. It is of course shocking her fans. They do not believe if her favorite actress has been under knife. They think that she is actually already beautiful without any surgery procedure.

In short, Hunter Tylo plastic surgery may almost ruin her appearance, but it has to be noted that The Bold and the Beautiful star is not the only one who reportedly got plastic surgery gone wrong. There are still many actresses like Tina Knowles and Delta Burke who are reported to have got the same experience with Hunter Tylo.

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