Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgery seems to be something new anymore for Korean celebrities. Some of them reportedly got some works done to improve their appearance. Nevertheless talking about Korean plastic surgery is always interesting because most of the surgical procedures are dealing with racial issues. Yeah, most of plastic surgery patients, celebrities, are reported to have some cosmetic surgery procedures because they do not feel comfortable with their appearance especially for those whose small eyes.

It is a fact that most of Korean people have small eyes and it seems to be something embarrassing, therefore they decide to take plastic surgery to make over their eyes appearance through eyelid surgery.

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After

The latest news reports if Hyoyeon got plastic surgery because she does not feel comfortable and insecure with her appearance. However some people are still wondering what kind of surgery procedures that she had got.

Did Hyoyeon Have Plastic Surgery?

25 years old actress, Kim Hyo-yeon, indeed looks so different than she used to. Looking at her current appearance and then comparing to the old ones, a member of the popular South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, apparently has different eyes and nose shape. Does it mean that she has got an eyelid surgery and nose job? It can be true.

Well, in order to find the facts whether she has really been under knife or not, let’s take a look the review below. However it has to be noted that the review is based on before and after pictures comparison, so everything, right or false, can happen.

Hyoyeon Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Hyoyeon Eyelid Surgery Before and After

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Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery: Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid surgery seems to be the most preferred surgery procedure by Korean celebrities, as well as Hyoyeon. She reportedly got double eyelid surgery to reshape her eyes in order to look wider than she used to. As result her eyes now does look wide opened and beautiful. Nevertheless she likely has lost her Mongolian race.

There are many Korean celebrities like Shin Se Kyung and Jang Geun Suk reportedly have been under knife for Blepharoplasty surgery. Consequently both of their eyes now look wide opened and fresher than before, as well as Hyoyeon. Her eyes now looks wider and fresher.

Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

The other preferred plastic surgery procedure that is mostly taken by Korean celebrities is a rhinoplasty surgery. Judging by before and after photos, Kim Hyo-yeon likely has got  nose job. It can be proven from her recent nose shape which looks thinner with more pointed at the tip. The nostril also looks more cramped with very narrowed at the tip. Whereas, she previously had a little bit flat and wide nose shape.

Hyoyeon Nose Job Before and After

Hyoyeon Nose Job Before and After

When the singer was confirmed to make some statements dealing with the rumor, she openly admitted that she does have some works done for her appearance. However her confession apparently made her in trouble because her agency, S.M. Entertainment, never allow their actresses to take plastic surgery. Even if they got some works done, they have to tell nothing and to hide all their plastic surgery.

Over all, Talking about Hyoyeon plastic surgery seems to be interesting topic because it is not always related with racial issues, but her plastic surgery confession is very contrary to the policy of her agency. Nevertheless it has to be fairly admitted if the star of I AM. really looks beautiful after getting some cosmetic surgery procedures.

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