Jamie Colby Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jamie Colby Plastic Surgery is recently being a hot topic of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery watchers. They predict that the correspondent and news anchor for Fox News Channel (FNC) has been under knife since her appearance still looks flawless though her age is almost 44 years old

Did Jamie Colby Have Plastic Surgery?

Jamie Colby Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jamie Colby Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jamie Colby is not only best known as a smart and active woman, but some people also call her as one of the hottest and sexiest anchors of America.

During her career in journalism, she had got a lot of awards for her reportage. One of the most honor and boasts awards is that she was awarded as the Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002 for her reportage of the September 11 attacks.

As a famous news anchor, she of course often appears in television and everything on her will be paid attention by many watchers including her appearance. And recently, there is a rumor if Jamie Colby has got plastic surgery to maintain and improve her beautiful appearance. Nonetheless we can not define whether the rumor is true nor wrong because there are not a lot of evidences.

Jamie Colby Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jamie Colby Before and After Plastic Surgery

However, judging by the comparison of Jamie Colby before and after plastic surgery pictures, we notice that she does still look fresh, young, and flawless as a 44 year-old woman. And it may be the main reason why some people do believe if she has got some cosmetic surgery procedures done.

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If we look in detail at Colby’s appearance especially on her face skin, it does look unnatural and unusual for a 44 year-old woman’s appearance. She does not have a lot of aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin around her face. Whereas, other women in her age have shown some frown lines on their face as the part of natural aging process.

Looking at Colby’s fresh and smooth face appearance, we predict that she possibly got some plastic surgery procedures done, at least facial filler injection like Botox.

The allegation of Jamie Colby plastic surgery is based on her appearance, especially her face skin which still looks fresh, smooth, and tight, which almost impossible for other 44 year-old women to have it if they do not get any plastic surgeon’s help.

Unluckily, the rumor is still unconfirmed by Jamie Colby. She still keeps silent whenever some people asked her whether she has been under knife or not.

In short, the rumor of Jamie Colby plastic surgery may be still unconfirmed yet, but the her recent appearance at least showed some plastic surgery signs though the reviews is just based on before and after pictures.

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