Jared Leto Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Botox

Everyone must have been familiar with Jared Leto, a famous American Star. He is not only talented in acting but he is also best known as a film director and singer.

Many people are lately talking about the possibility for him to get some plastic surgery procedures since his appearance does not look as old as his actual age, 43 years old. In his 40s age his appearance still looks like a 30-year-old man. There is not a lot of aging signs on his face. It still looks smooth, fresh, and tight.

Did Jared Leto really have plastic surgery? This is still being debated by some plastic surgeons and netizen.

Jared Leto Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jared Leto Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Jared Leto Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Judging by before and after photos, his appearance indeed looks unnatural for 43-year-old man. And it seems to make some people believe that he has really been under knife.

Well, if he really got some surgical procedures, what kind of cosmetic surgery procedures did he have?

Based on some sources that I’ve ever read then supported with some pictures comparison, I see that there is something unnatural on his face. Firstly, it is dealing with his face skin which looks so flawless for a 43 years old man. It may be the effect of Botox injection. Secondly, some people claimed that his nose has changed as well. They think that it may be as the result of nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

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Jared Leto Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Surgery

Jared Leto Nose Job Before and After

Jared Leto Nose Job Before and After

Some people noticed that his nasal bridge seemed to be narrowed while the tip was reshaped so that it can look more pointed now. However, even though his nose was claimed undergoing some changes, but it does not mean that Jared Leto has been under knife for nose job. I think that the different shape of his nose on the pictures comparison above is possibly as the effect of makeup or the different angle of photo shot.

The rumor of Jared Leto plastic surgery apparently will be a hot topic because until now there has been no official statement whether he has really gotten cosmetic surgery or his appearance is really natural.

But, I personally think that he might only get Botox injection, the allegation is based on his face skin which still looks smooth, fresh, and ageless. While the change on his nose may be as the effect of makeup, not nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

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