Jen Bunney Nose Job: Facts or Rumor

Jen Bunney, a former of a major player on Laguna Beach or The Hills, may not be as popular as her friend, Heidi Montag. But, the way she enhances her appearance has made her become center of public attention. Moreover there was news that her effort in enhancing her appearance was inspired by Heidi Montag. As we know that she has good relationship with the former star of Just Go with It film.

Yeah, based on some sources that I’ve ever read, Jen Bunney reportedly has gotten plastic surgery, nose job. However, I still could not define whether the rumor is true or not because the only evidence for the rumor is only based on the pictures comparison.

Jen Bunney Nose Job Before and After

Jen Bunney Nose Job Before and After

And, if I look at the pictures comparison between Jen Bunney before and after nose job, the change is very soft. There is only small change on her nose which may be the result of makeup, not a rhinoplasty surgery.

Judging by before and after pictures, her nose indeed looks thinner and well defined, but I am not so sure if the change is the result of nose job. I predict that it was the result of makeup illusion. Look at her nasal bridge; it still looks same with her old nose. It does not have significant change. The other possible answer for the change of Jen Bunney nose shape is because of the different angle of picture shot.

There are many rumors of celebrity nose job that are still unanswered and still debated among plastic surgeons because there have not been statements from the actresses whether they have been under knife for nose job or not. Moreover, the evidence that people use is only based on the comparison before and after pictures.

And looking at the case of Jen Bunney nose job, I believe that her nose is still natural without any surgery at all.

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